Nov 07

Bhutan in the News

It seems like there’s been a lot of Bhutan media buzz lately.
Check out this article by National Geographic. –And these inspiring photos of Bhutan
The Snowman Trek is a nice hike, but even the writers admit that it’s “quite simply the most difficult long walk on the planet.” They add, “Barely half of the people who start the Snowman end up finishing.” 
We offer a more manageable 13-day trek to the base of Jomolhari (24,035 feet). From the huge summits that form the border of Bhutan and Tibet, to the traditional Himalayan settlements that adorn the mountainsides and valleys down low, our Bhutan Chomolhari Trek delivers you to the awe-inspiring destinations of Bhutan without killing you in the process. 
Drop us a note if you’re interested in hiking through Bhutan. We’d love to help you plan a trip. 
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