Chile, along with Argentina, boasts the breathtaking Andes Mountains, which run nearly the entire length of South America. This unique mountain range travels through deserts, jungles, and high alpine planes, with summits that sit well above 20,000 feet.

At Ryder-Walker we explore Chile as the second half of our Patagonia: The Lakes District Trek. The first half of the trek explores the Argentinian Lakes District, before traveling across the border to Chile where a stunning shift in culture and biome is immediately evident. In Chile, you will get to visit massive alpine lakes such as Lago Llanquihe and Todos los Santos and marvel at the slopes of Chile’s brooding volcanic peaks.

There is a wealth of cultural treasures to be experienced in Chile. Whether you are analyzing the difference between Argentinian and Chilean barbeque, relaxing in a Spa Hotel, or speaking to local mountaineers as you explore the lush Chilean tierra, this country is sure to stoke both your sense of wonder and adventure!

Guided Tours: Chile

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Step into Patagonia, a land of vast steppe grasslands, rugged and beautiful coastlines, endless foothills, and forests of indigenous trees. Patagonia’s lakes and rivers sparkle with infinite hues of blue while the massive volcanoes and jagged granite peaks of the Andean cordillera (the longest continental mountain range in world) rise abruptly against the skyline. It is no secret that Patagonia ...

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March 6-15, 2025




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