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Hiking Switzerland (and loving it) at Age 75.


Betsy Bell follows a simple mantra in life, “Use it or lose it!”

Betsy recently completed our 8-day self-guided Engadine Trek and she wrote about it on her blog, Grandma Betsy Bell. Of the four group members on Betsy’s hike, three were 75 years old, and the fourth was a youthful 83!

Originally fueled by the resolve to beat cancer at age 34, Betsy has devoted her life to, as she puts it, “shaping her present and future health.” Her blog offers “free weekly tips to be well and keep moving,” and it’s interesting to read her take on hiking through the Swiss Alps at age 75. Betsy’s trip wasn’t entirely without mishaps, but her preparedness and a passion for healthy living kept her on course.

Check out her blog when you get a chance, and let it be a reminder for all of us. We really do shape our present and future health (young and old).

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