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Rocky Mountain High Life Trek

Last Chance! Receive 2018 Pricing on ALL 2019 Treks Through October 1st

Rocky Mountain High Life Trek

Fall is settling in on all of the excitement of the 2018 summer and already it is time to think ahead for next year’s adventures! Ryder Walker is offering a special limited time promotion offering 2019 treks for 2018 prices. Whether you are a returning client or a newcomer hoping to find your next travel craze, this deal is your best chance to plan ahead. If your travel plans aren’t solidified, you can secure the deal with a $500 per person deposit and let us know your trip and travel dates once you decide. We have a diverse roster of exciting new trips including our 35th Anniversary trek to Slovakia next year. If you are looking for trip recommendations, please consider some of our favorite trips listed below.

2019’s Best Bucket List Trips

In a way, all of the Ryder Walker treks are on somebody’s bucket list, but there are a variety of locations which we think everybody needs to visit at least once in their life.  Some of our favorites are The Remote Westfjords Trek, the Atlas Mountains Trek, and the Engadine Trek.

Iceland: The Remote Westfjords, June 26 – July 3 takes us across the otherworldly moonscape of Northwest Iceland. Here we delve into the history of the Vikings, learning about their way of life and the strange landscape they came to call their home. Hiking in Iceland is like hiking nowhere else on earth, the trails are often marked by towering cairns, the villages are remote, and the rock and moss of the Icelandic tundra represent Europe’s last true wilderness area.

Iceland Remote Westfjords

Morocco: Atlas Mountains Trek, October 11 – 20 is a favorite of ours in the opposite climate from Iceland. The Atlas Mountains are the largest mountains in the deserts of western Africa. In this exotic setting, we get the opportunity to scale Toubkal, the highest peak in Northern Africa! In addition, we visit old pirate ports, the walled city of Marrakesh, and stay in well provisioned high mountain lodges.

Morocco atlas mountains

Engadine Trek, guided tour July 16 – 23 while less exotic than some of the other locations on our Bucket List represents the very best of what Ryder Walker has to offer. In the Engadine, we travel through some of the most romantic old-world villages in Switzerland, ride trains, funiculars and hike through the pastoral landscape of the forgotten Engadine Valley. This trip is also offered self-guided.

Engadine Trek

2019’s Best Family Friendly Trips

Ryder Walker also offers a roster of trips that are excellent for the whole family, so it’s time to rally the kids (even if they are in college or older) and set out on another family adventure. Some of our favorite family-friendly trips are the Via Ladinia: Heart of the Italian Dolomites, Sedona, Arches and Canyonlands, and England: The Cotswolds.

Via Ladinia: Heart of the Italian Dolomites, guided tour September 7 – 14 is centered around the Dolomite culture of the Ladin people, a secluded Alpine culture which supports the closest living language to Latin. On this trip we travel through the mythological center of the Ladin culture, learning about such legends as the Princess of Fanes. We also travel the border of the World War One Austrian frontier, where ghosts of the past still remain in military structures, throwing a sharp contrast to the idyllic mountains. This trip is also offered self-guided.

Via Ladinia Trek

Sedona, Arches and Canyonlands, guided tour May 4 – 12 explores several of the United States most remote and cherished national parks. Everything from finding sandstone arches and bridges, to hiking down winding desert canyons awaits. The Desert Southwest offers some of the best hiking in the world, and much of it remains either hard to access or kept entirely secret, so it is a perfect location to explore with a guide for the western adventure of a lifetime.

Sedona, Arches, and Canyonlands

England: The Cotswolds, guided tour May 26 – June 5 will ferry us away to a different time period entirely. Set in the peaceful Cotswold hills, some highlights from this trip include medieval castles, old English courts, and the thatched roof villages of the pastoral Cotswolds. One of Ryder Walker’s easier going trips, the Cotswolds represents a perfect opportunity for the whole family to explore a magical place. This trip is also offered self-guided.


2019’s Best Culture Trips

Some of our culture trips visit faraway places and offer the opportunity to eat new foods, hear new languages, and experience new ways of living. A few favorites include: Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, Scotland’s Rob Roy Way and Peru’s Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu.

Croatia: the Dalmatian Coast, June 8 – 15 is a journey from island to island, hiking up island peaks, eating fresh squid and other seafood, and dipping our toes in the cobalt waters of the Adriatic at the end of the day. Another highlight of our Croatia trip is its spectacular finish in the walled city of Dubrovnik, which has gathered recent fame and attention as the shooting location for Kings Landing in the HBO show Game of Thrones. This trip is also offered self-guided.

Croatia Dalmation Coast

Scotland: Rob Roy Way, May 17 – 25 is an old Scottish hiking route which connects the supposed locations of the famous outlaw Rob Roy’s life. Here we experience everything Scottish culture has to offer, from sheep dog shows, to rowdy Scottish pubs, to the moss-covered ruins of a notorious executioner’s castle. This trip is also offered self-guided.

Rob Roy Way Trek

Peru: Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu, April 15 – 25 is one of Ryder Walker’s newest trips, which follows the less crowded route to Machu Picchu. This trek, in which we work alongside local guides, takes us through the ruins of the Inca civilization. The Peruvian Andes are some of the most dramatic mountains in the world and the change in biome from the rainforest in the valley floors to the high alpine terrain above is alone enough reason to visit these remarkable Inca holy sites.

machu picchu trek

Ryder Walker would like to welcome you on an adventure with us. Our dedicated office staff, friendly guides, and seasoned knowledge of the mountains will prepare the best trip possible for you. Here’s to new adventures in 2019!

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