Jul 10

More Guest Photos: The Engadine + 1000 Days

Woody Campbell likes to take photos. He likes to take photos so much, in fact, that he started a photo blog in 2009 and vowed to post one image per day until he runs out of space on his server. In his own words, “I started this project on October 19, 2009 and have posted a picture each day without a miss for 991 days.”

That’s almost 1000 days!

Lucky for us, Woody and his camera joined Ryder-Walker for a private hiking tour through eastern Switzerland, and some of the trip images wound up on his blog.

One of my favorite images is the b&w mountain photo taken above tree line. (See above) Woody shot this photo while hiking between the villages of Guarda and Zuoz. I’m a sucker for high mountain passes, big sky and clouds, so this photo satisfies. That’s just me. Woody also posted some great color photos of the Swiss landscape, people and architecture.

Check out Woody’s blog, then find your own favorite photo. The Engadine action begins with blog post June 21, 2012 and continues onward toward July.

Don’t want to scroll through posts? You can also view just the Swiss portfolio at woodycampbell.zenfolio.com/p922387965

I recommend a visit. There’s a great evening shot of Soglio that didn’t make it into the blog.

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