Nov 16

Read Our 2016 Hiking Tour Catalog Online

It’s a real pleasure to flip through our new 2016 digital hiking tour catalog. You can turn pages like a magazine, zoom in, print out a copy, and download a pdf version if you like.

You’ll also find new trips, smart tips, feature stories and more inside.

New for this year’s catalog:

Peter Walker talks about the founding of Ryder-Walker on page four and gives a definitive answer to the question asked by thousands of Ryder-Walker guests, “Where does the ‘Ryder’in Ryder-Walker come from?”

We announce new hiking tours in Iceland, England, Switzerland, PatagoniaSpain, and the Rocky Mountains.

Ryder-Walker presents limited edition merchandise for sale on page 11, including sexy fleece jackets, form-fitting baseball caps and thermally intelligent beverage storage devices.

Also on page 11, we offer limited edition paintings (originals and prints) of our three favorite alpine scenes (the Val Ferret, Val Travenanzes and Val Bregaglia), commissioned by us and painted by award-winning artist Wayne McKenzie. These would make great Christmas gifts!

We also hear stories about Ryder-Walker guides Ken Fuhrer and Ace Kvale. Ken celebrates his 20th Anniversary with Ryder-Walker in 2016, and Ace is trying to raise $60,000 to support the reconstruction efforts going on in Nepal after the recent devastation there. Way to go guys!

There’s a whole lot more inside. 

We hope you enjoy our new catalog. Please share with your friends and, as always, contact us to put your name on a tour.

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