Scotland is, in many ways, the wild west of England. In Scotland, there is a fierce individualism as well as a sense of natural mystery that has persisted for centuries along the Scottish lochs and moors.

You can imagine the old legends of knights and faeries coming to life as you hike through the ancient Scottish woods beneath the summits of the highest peaks in Scotland, the Munros. Our trek through the Scottish Highlands is the Rob Roy Way, an excellent trek for self-guided hikers which follows country lanes and mountainside trails to take you through the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Whether you are starting out your hiking day with the sturdy Scottish breakfast, or arriving into a village just in time to catch a sheepdog exhibition, the eternal charm of the Scottish Highlands is sure to inspire you to explore the hidden mysteries of the Scottish mountains.

Self Guided Tours: Scotland

Rob Roy Way

Walk in the footsteps of one of Scotland’s most brilliant outdoorsmen, legendary outlaws, and greatest heroes – Rob Roy MacGregor. Through green meadows, along the coasts of sapphire lochs and across the feet of snowcapped Munros (peaks over 3,000 feet), you walk as he did during this nine-day hiking tour through a beautiful region of the Scottish Highlands called the Trossachs. Your trek is ...

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May 19-27, 2023




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