Mar 06

Trail Magic

Messages from our guests mean a lot to us, and this note from Blythe Fortin is no exception. She writes, “I hope you’ll post this photo and story. It’s an example of how friendships are formed on the trail … and how R-W trips become an annual ritual for your repeat customers!”

Annual ritual, indeed. This group will hike your butt off! Blythe and her group of friends have more than 40 Ryder-Walker hiking tours between them, and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Check it out:

Great Friends

Even though we live on different continents, the Whitears and Fortins have become great friends … and we have Ryder-Walker to thank! We met seven years ago on a R-W trek, and the trail worked its magic. Now we make a point of going on the same trips each summer. But in February 2013 we expanded our repertoire. The Fortins flew to Australia to join the Whitears for the Great Ocean Walk, a hike (of either four or seven days) along the wild and wooly coast of Victoria, ending at the iconic Twelve Apostles. With us back on our respective continents, we are already looking forward to our reunion this summer on the Heart of Austria trip.

PS: Notice Aubrey’s Ryder-Walker hat …and the tee shirts from Blythe’s 60th birthday celebration on the Haute Route! Please pass along our regards to the gang.


Thank you, Blythe, Ray, Aubrey and Diane, for your awesome devotion and patronage throughout the years. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful guests, and we can’t wait to hike with you again this summer! 

Do you have Ryder-Walker photos and/or stories that you’d like to share? Please send them our way. You can also post to our Facebook page. Just hit the like button (if you haven’t already), and start sharing the hiking goodness online.

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