The Julian Alps strike an impressive majesty as the steep Slovenian forests meet the rugged limestone peaks which rise almost vertically towards the sky.

Ryder-Walker’s Slovenia: Julian Alps Summit Series explores the heart of the Julian Alps, visiting the more accessible summits and most undisturbed reaches of the massive Triglav National Park. Triglav itself is the centerpiece of the trek, the highest peak in Slovenia, and a hulking mass of limestone cliffs that rises thousands of feet above the valley floor. Below Triglav run a series of densely forested valleys such as the waterfall valley of Ukanc, which sits below the sacred Valley of Five Lakes. The trip itself begins in a town that can only be described as the Chamonix of Eastern Europe, Kranjska Gora. Kranjska Gora is an often-overlooked village that would feel at home in France or Switzerland, sitting directly underneath the most impressive ridge of the aptly named Razor Mountain. Kranjska Gora also supports a lively cafe culture that overflows onto the streets of the mountain climber and skier populated village. 

Slovenian culture involves a deep respect for the natural world. Much of the Triglav National Park remains undisturbed – especially compared to the relative resortification of other European Alpine regions. In the center of the park, we even stay in a historic hunting lodge – one of the only buildings in the entire valley. Food in Slovenia revolves around Eastern European staples. The Klobása is highly recommended for those that are looking for the best sausage of their life. Our Julian Alps Summit Series Trek is a particularly interesting route in relation to Slovenian culture because we spend so much time in the shadow of Triglav itself. Climbing Triglav is considered a Slovenian rite of passage

Slovenia is a hugely welcoming country, filled with people that want to share the country’s often forgotten majesty. Despite remaining a bit of an industry secret, Slovenia boasts some of the most impressive looking peaks in all of Europe combined with some of the most remote and best-preserved wilderness on the continent. The hiking in Slovenia is perfect for those who are looking for a challenge, often rugged and rocky, with a handful of hut overnights, the Julian Alps Summit Series truly puts you in the heart of one of the most enigmatic mountain ranges in the world.

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Enchanting, or perhaps intoxicating, might be the best word to appropriately characterize the Julian alps of Slovenia. Ryder-Walker’s route through this unique landscape begins in the picturesque village of Kranjska Gora. This gorgeous little village is only four miles from the Italian border and two from Austria. It sits on the northern border of Triglav National Park, Slovenia’s only land so ...

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July 11-18, 2023




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