Europe Hiking Tours

European Trekking is the very heart of Ryder Walker. Our company and its specialists have been designing the finest imaginable treks throughout the European countryside for nearly four decades. The magic of trekking in Europe is undeniable. Experience pastoral meadows and forests, mountain peaks which tower high above the clouds, and medieval villages tucked away from civilization. Almost every country in Europe has a unique and rewarding trek waiting to be explored. If you are new to Ryder-Walker, we highly recommend booking a European hiking tour. Each trip is distinctly special. We constantly update our treks so that we can offer you the closest a vacation can come to perfection.


Austria is the alpine cousin country to Germany. It shares many of Germany’s cultural cornerstones as well as history. Hiking in Austria is absolutely beautiful. The Austrian countryside is covered in stunning mountains, elegant ski resorts, and massive alpine lakes.

The Heart of Austria Trek

The Heart of Austria Trek is a European hiking tour that takes you deep into the Dachstein Mountains in the Salzkammergut region of Austria above the bohemian city of Salzburg. This region of Austria is rich in history. This is due to its medieval salt trade, as well as being the home of the legendary composer Mozart. The mountains here are stunning, interspersed with tranquil alpine lakes, with the tour finishing in the stuck-in-time village of Hallstatt. Hallstatt has been named multiple times as the most beautiful village in the world. Experience some of the best hiking in Austria and the unique culture of the region on our tour.


Hiking along the Croatian coast will remind you of ancient history. It is dotted with white rock outcroppings, vineyards and olive trees, as well as mysterious Adriatic islands. Our hiking tour in Croatia is in the land where Odysseus and his crew became lost in Homer’s epic. For that reason, the sense of the place is still as mythic today.

The Dalmatian Coast Trek

The Dalmatian Coast Trek is the Adriatic explorer’s dream. Lose yourself winding through ancient beech forests, along rugged coasts, and across secluded islands. Hiking along the Dalmatian Coast, you can gaze upon the cobalt waters of the Adriatic breaking against the beautiful white limestone shoreline. Our hiking tour in Croatia finishes in the medieval walled city of Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik has gained fame in recent years as the shooting location for HBO’s Game of Thrones.


England is a country steeped in history. The palaces and castles add a sense of royalty to the pastoral English countryside. Our hiking tour in England includes welcoming locals, thatched roofs, and fairy gardens. The charms of England give the lucky traveler a distinct sense of whimsy as we tour the Cotswolds.

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds are as idyllic as any region in the world. When hiking the Cotswolds in England, sheep gambol in open pastures. Quaint tea houses serve delicious pastries, and the weather is as sunny as it gets in England. The hiking on our Cotswolds tour is less demanding than our more alpine European hiking tours. Our itinerary makes special excursions to historic locations along the route such as the Roman Baths at Bath.


The alpine regions of France are no less romantic than the south of France or Paris. When hiking the alps of France, you will experience everything from medieval villages to the legendary and looming Mont Blanc. Our Hiking tours in the French Alps will transport you into a blissful state of timelessness.

The French Alps: The Tarentaise Mountains

The French Alps: The Tarentaise Mountains trek will take you through the rolling mountains and secluded valleys surrounding the legendary Mont Blanc Massif. This hiking trip through the French Alps is a less demanding opportunity to explore and witness the most majestic mountain range in Western Europe. In addition, you can explore the mountaineering history mecca of this massive granite range.

The Pays Basque and The French Pyrénées trek

The Pays Basque and The French Pyrénées trek weaves its way along the Spanish-French border, engaging with the unique culture of the Basque people, who speak a linguistic isolate that has no connection to any other spoken language. Our hiking trek in the French Pyrénées takes you from the rolling hills of the Pays Basque into the more rugged Pyrénées mountains. We will pass through walled villages, shepherd’s towns, and some truly stunning mountain passes.

The Tour du Mont Blanc

The Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the most legendary hiking treks of all time. Circumnavigating the entire Mont Blanc Massif, this trek in the Alps is challenging but rewarding. As you hike around the mountain lauded by poets such as Percy, Shelley, and Baudelaire, you will travel on foot over the borders of France, Italy, and Switzerland. Enjoy the unique cultures of each country as you hike our Tour du Mont Blanc!


The Bavarian region of Germany is the cultural and historic capital of Germany. The more conservative Bavarian people have worked for centuries to preserve their old style of life and the towns and villages all feel unmarred by time.

High Peaks of the Bavarian Tyrol

High Peaks of the Bavarian Tyrol is a new Ryder Walker trek which circumnavigates the highest peak in Germany, the Zugspitze. Our hike in the Bavarian Tyrol weaves its way between Germany and Austria, traveling through quaint villages decorated with painted stucco reliefs. In the Bavarian Tyrol, locals still don their traditional lederhosen, the villages are luxurious but peaceful, and the mountains rise above you with impressively jagged ridgelines.


Iceland is truly the northern end of the world. Along Iceland’s northern coast, isolated villages brace themselves against the arctic extreme. Join us on our hiking tour in Iceland, a surreal moonscape or glaciers, fjords, and volcanos.

The Remote Westfjords Trek

The Remote Westfjords Trek explores the forgotten fjords of the Westfjords, the northeasternmost region in Island. The Westfjords are truly undisturbed wilderness, with arctic foxes, seals, and puffins all playing along with the rugged shoreline. The hiking in Iceland is challenging and unlike other hiking around the rest of the world due to Iceland’s unique morphology which makes breaking a consistent trail essentially impossible. Instead, we follow mysterious rock cairns into the Icelandic wilds, an adventure that is truly not to be missed for experienced hikers.


If you are looking for luxury, no country has mastered it more completely than Italy. Settle down over some fresh Italian food, chat with storied locals, and relax in the warmth of perhaps the best tourist culture in the world. Our hiking tours in Italy offer variety and exploration of some of the most beautiful mountains and seasides on earth.

The Dolomiti di Brenta Trek

The Dolomiti di Brenta Trek explores a satellite range of dolomite mountains, separated by Trento Valley from the main Dolomites. Hiking the Dolomites in this region is more peaceful and more naturally preserved than its sister mountains in the Alta Badia. The accommodation along our Dolomiti di Brenta trek is truly world class. The Lago Molveno in Molveno is one of the most unique and beautiful alpine lakes in the world, as it acts as a mirror for the entire Brenta range which sits high above.

The Italian Dolomites Trek

The Italian Dolomites Trek is one of Ryder Walker’s tried and true classics. The impressive spires of the Italian Dolomites are unlike any other mountains on earth, more like pillars of rock than the sloped mountains we are used to. The accommodations along hike in the Italian Dolomites are true mainstays and clients often return to the region just to revisit their favorite hotels. The history here is also of particular note as we hike along the frontier of the conflict between Germany and Italy in World War I, where the scars of this conflict are still visible in the Dolomites today.

The Isola di Capri: The Jewel of Western Italy Trek

The Isola di Capri: The Jewel of Western Italy Trek takes you into the warm sun of Tyrrhenian Sea. Hiking the Isola di Capri takes you between preserved villas, through ancient trader’s ports, and finish every day with a chance to play in the inviting waters of the Tyrrhenian!

The Sicily Aeolian Islands Treks

The Sicily Aeolian Islands Treks journeys into the home of Greek mythology. On this hiking trek to the Aeolian Islands, you will get to hop between multiple islands. Some of the Aeolian Islands are home to Greek gods, others to active volcanos, and others to some of the best seafood you can eat!

The Via Ladinia: Heart of the Italian Dolomites Trek

The Via Ladinia: Heart of the Italian Dolomites Trek is a new Ryder Walker trek which explores the culturally unique region of Ladin Dolomites. The Ladin culture is one which has survived the cultural advances of both Italy and Germany throughout history, preserving their language – which is the closest living language to Latin – and unique mythology. The hiking in the Italian Dolomites is variable and also moldable to fit both those who want a more relaxing hiking tour of this unique mountain region and those looking for a stiffer challenge.


Montenegro is often forgotten when considering the most beautiful alpine countries, however, this is a great injustice, as Montenegro’s mountains are truly unique, defined by deeply carved valleys, impressive summits, and still unexplored reaches.

From The Durmitor Mountain Range to The Bay of Kotor Trek starts in the heart of the Durmitor mountain range, where we will explore the mysterious mountains, staying in the most luxurious hotels Montenegro has to offer. From there we will boat down the Tara river through the “European Grand Canyon.” Finally, our hike in Montenegro finishes in the Bay of Kotor on the waters of the Adriatic. We will get to enjoy the intrigue of the historic trading city of Budva and the peace of an unmatchable Adriatic sunset.


Norway: home of the Vikings and some of the most beautiful wilderness on earth. Hiking in Norway is one of the most truly special experiences a person can have. While the trekking here is often challenging, the reward is absolutely unmatched.

The Islands of Lofoten Trek

The Islands of Lofoten Trek is a unique and challenging trek that explores the mysterious Nordic fjords. Our European hiking tour in Norway includes staying in isolated fishing villages and watching playful sea life. Hiking through the rugged and beautiful arctic wilderness are all true highlights of the trip.


Scotland: a place of outlaws, tribesman, and some of the liveliest people on earth. There’s nowhere quite like hiking in Scotland. Between the desolate moors and the lively Scottish pubs, Scotland has a bit of something for every type of traveler.

The Rob Roy Way  

The Rob Roy Way follows a route through the life of legendary Robin Hood figure of Rob Roy. Hike through Scottish moors, beneath the Munros – the designation for highest peaks in Scotland, and past the fingerlike lakes of the southern highlands, will all join together to create a relaxing and beautiful trekking experience.


Slovakia is truly wild country. Deep forests, hidden lakes, and the jagged peaks of the Tatras all give the Slovakian wilderness a sense of deep mystery.

The High Tatras Mountains trek

The High Tatras Mountains trek journeys into the High Tatras, a mountain range that is a favorite for Slovak and Polish mountaineers but is largely forgotten by the rest of the world. On our hike in Slovakia, nature is incredibly well preserved, even still supporting predators such as bears and wolves – species that are extinct in much of Western Europe. The people here are friendly, the accommodations are modern, and the hiking ranges from adrenaline-fueled adventures to idyllic forest hikes.


Slovenia is the forgotten cousin of the Alps. The Julian Alps are referred to as the Switzerland of Eastern Europe and the quality of the trekking experience there shows why. Slovenia might not be on your travel list, but the warmth of the Slovenian people and the beauty of their countryside make Slovenia a truly unforgettable destination.

The Triglav Circuit Trek

The Triglav Circuit Trek explores the mountain region underneath Triglav, the highest peak in Slovenia. Triglav is a massive domed Dolomite summit and the peaks in this region rival the majesty of even the Italian Dolomites. Some highlights of our hike in Slovenia include learning about the history of Slovenia’s relationship with the Soviet Union. As we hike along the once uncrossable borders between Italy and Austria and journeying into the Triglav national park, a beautiful nature preserve where we stay in one of Tito’s old hunting cabins.



If you are looking for the perfect alpine experience, or are hoping to visit a Ryder Walker classic, look no farther than our hiking tours in Switzerland. The Swiss boast the best trekking in the Alps and their cozy hotels, immaculate trails, and preserved wilderness make that claim hard to dispute.

The Eiger Trail

The Eiger Trail is mountain trekking at its most classic. As we approach the mythic Eiger on our journey between Gstaad and Grindelwald we will cross over the highest mountain passes on the entire Via Alpina – the epic hiking route traveling across the entirety of the Alps. The nights we stay in Murren and Wengen are not to be missed by any travel enthusiast. These villages are perched above 2000-foot cliffs and have no vehicular access. They are not only some of quaintest in Switzerland but maybe the entire world. Even if you feel like you’ve seen it all, Murren and Wengen on our Eiger Trail hike in Switzerland will still strike you wide-eyed with wonder.

The Engadine Summit Series Trek

The Engadine Summit Series Trek explores the medieval Engadine Valley by a more demanding route, endeavoring to bag a mountain summit with every day. Hiking the Engadine is a valley of true magic, with castles dotting the hillsides, stunning wildflowers, and a spectacular finish in the preserved village of Soglio.

The Highlights of Switzerland: Engadine, Lago Maggiore, Zermatt Trek

The Highlights of Switzerland: Engadine, Lago Maggiore, Zermatt Trek takes you to all of Switzerland’s most classic hiking locations. If you are looking for a hiking a trip to Switzerland and don’t want to miss a thing, this is the trek for you. Explore the enchanted Engadine Valley, the bohemian shores of the Lago Maggiore, and finishing beneath the Matterhorn in Zermatt.

The Hiker’s Haute Route

The Hiker’s Haute Route is another trekking classic, traveling between the French mountaineer’s haven of Chamonix to the Swiss town Zermatt, which sits directly beneath the legendary Matterhorn. This trek in Switzerland is demanding with a challenging but rewarding mountain pass standing between each village on every day. If you are feeling strong and want to truly immerse yourself in hiking the Swiss Alps, the Haute Route is the perfect route.

The Matterhorn Trek

The Matterhorn Trek is heralded as Ryder Walker’s most challenging trek. On this trek we hike beneath the massive Matterhorn and Monte Rosa peaks, staying in Swiss and Italian climber’s towns. This trek brings you views of massive glaciers, overnights in some of the most classic locations in Switzerland and Italy – such as Zermatt, Gressoney and Alagna, and some truly challenging hikes in Switzerland and Italy over the passes surrounding the Matterhorn.

The mountains of Europe are waiting for you! Choose any of our European hiking tours for an unforgettable experience. It becomes better every year with renovated hotels beautifully maintained hiking trails and unique cultural experiences around every corner. We sincerely hope you consider joining us on one of our European hiking tours. We would love to help you explore all our offerings.  If you have any questions regarding difficulty, what the treks entail, or what you can expect to experience, our office specialists will be delighted to answer these questions and more.

A village on a riverbank with a bridge going across it

Scotland: Rob Roy Way

Lose yourself in some of the most unspoiled landscape in Great Britain. On our hike through the Scottish Highlands, you will travel along streams and lochs, through woodlands, along the moors. This is the same land once explored by the great Scottish outdoorsman Rob Roy MacGregor.

England: The Cotswolds

Explore rolling green pastures of the English countryside on our England: The Cotswolds trek. This tour is more gentle than some of our other European hiking tours. There are many opportunities to visit historic sites, including the city of Bath. The quaint villages we visit along the way preserve old world charm.

Rolls green hills with farmhouses
I view of the mountains with a channel of water going through

Norway: The Islands of Lofoten

Paddle to remote beaches and hike across stunning mountain tops on our Norway trek The Islands of Lofoten. Granite peaks rise dramatically out of the water. Explore small colorful fishing villages are nestled along the coast.

Iceland: The Remote West Fjords

Explore the glaciers, fjords, and volcanoes on our trek through this gorgeous region in Iceland. Here you’ll be able to see whales surface and view one of the largest bird colonies in the Northern Hemisphere. This region of Iceland is one of Europe’s last true wilderness areas and one of our most beautiful European hiking tours.

Black rock cliff meets the sea
hikers on a trail walking through a mountain pass.

The Italian Dolomites Trek

This tour offers delicious local cuisine and hiking through some of the most beautiful mountain terrains on Earth. The limestone peaks loom over lush meadows and quaint cobblestoned villages. This European hiking tour is culturally diverse. Along the way, you will be able to hear German, Ladin, and Italian.

Isola di Capri: The Jewel of Western Italy

Immerse yourself in the island of Capri off the coast of Italy. The landscape has otherworldly beauty with limestone cliffs rising from the sea. Our trek will take us along ancient trade routes and seaside trails through lemon and olive groves.

A peninsula with views of the ocean