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Ryder-Walker’s mini trek hiking tours are perfect for travelers that prefer to venture on their own and without the services of a guide. In order to provide an independent hiking experience that works smoothly, we provide a comprehensive package of materials, including four-color topographical hiking maps with highlighted routes, written hike descriptions, customized travel itineraries, prepaid accommodations, and all of the necessary arrangements to make your independent hiking tour a success.

We offer many of our guided hiking and walking tours as independent options, so just find a tour that you like, tell us the date you’d like to begin, and we’ll do the rest!

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Self-Guided ToursSeason2021 PricesCountries Visited
EUROPE + UKPrice Per Person
Italian DolomitesMid June-Mid Sept.$1,675 in double, single (+$210)Italy
The Heart of AustriaMid June-Sept.$1,625 in double, single (+$180)Austria
Swiss EngadineMid June-Mid Oct.$1,835 in double, single (+$215)Switzerland
Berner OberlandLate June-Early Oct.$1,660 in double, single (+$225)Switzerland
Chamonix to ChampexLate June-Mid Sept.$1,500 in double, single (+$175)France, Switzerland
Telluride TrekLate June-Early Oct.$1,600 in double, single (+$330)USA



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[minti_category_image image=”6944″ url=”https://ryderwalker.com/moderate-challenging/”]Moderate-Challenging Hiking[/minti_category_image]
[minti_category_image image=”6945″ url=”https://ryderwalker.com/challenging/”]Challenging Hiking[/minti_category_image]
[minti_category_image image=”6946″ url=”https://ryderwalker.com/bucket-list/”]Bucket List Treks[/minti_category_image]
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Find Your Trek

[minti_headline weight=”fontweight-300″ lineheight=”lh-12″ transform=”transform-uppercase” align=”align-left” margin=”0 0 30px 0″]Hear It From Our Guests[/minti_headline][minti_testimonialslider testimonial_1=”The trip was all we had hoped for and more! We felt like we had the guided experience without actually having a guide. The directions were very clear, and we definitely felt in the know about what restaurants/huts to stop at. Overall we had a wonderful experience. We kept running into the same guided groups, and you could tell that some of them were jealous of us because we had all of the perks of the guided tour but could go at our own pace.” author_1=”Emily M.” testimonial_2=”Excellent accommodations and coordination of the trip. A wide variety of options. Everything well organized. I have no other adventure companies to compare Ryder-Walker to, but I have no reason to change. I have been extremely satisfied with both our Engadine and Dolomite trips.” author_2=”Brian G.” testimonial_3=”We absolutely loved our trip! The level of the hiking was perfect- they were gorgeous, varied, fun, not too crowded or touristy. The inns were all clean, comfortable and well-situated. The trains/transfers were all great. Eileen and Annika were SO helpful and responsive!” author_3=”Debbie K.” testimonial_4=”I loved how beautiful the hikes were, that we had so much solitude (which I think was partly a function of clever planning as to which direction we walked at which time of time of day), the pleasure of having dinner planned every evening so we didn’t have to think about that, the fun of riding so many forms of transportation and just the incredible majesty of the countryside.” author_4=”Nina H.” testimonial_5=”I loved the beautiful hikes. The alps were amazing. I also enjoyed all of the inns we stayed in. The breakfasts were amazing. Loved all the choices. We would book another trip through Ryder Walker and will recommend you to our friends.” author_5=”Laurie W.” testimonial_6=”To say the least, we had an absolutely wonderful, spectacular, and enjoyable time from top to bottom. All the hikes were really excellent. The accommodations were also top rate and the whole program exceeded our expectations.” author_6=”Douglas O.”]

Travel and the Coronavirus for Ryder-Walker Guests

Ryder-Walker is monitoring the coronavirus outbreak and acknowledges that there is growing uncertainty about the safety of traveling right now. Currently, our guided and self-guided treks are on schedule to run. Should travel restrictions be implemented by local or global authorities we will post updates on this link.

For more information please visit the websites of the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.