Self-Guided Tours: Liechtenstein

“Klein aber fein” in German translates to “small but fine”, and is the ideal description for the Principality of Liechtenstein. Located in the Upper Rhine Valley of the Alps, the country is landlocked between Austria and Switzerland.

Ryder-Walker’s trek: The Liechtenstein Trail covers lots of ground as it winds through all 11 of Liechtenstein’s municipalities. Enjoy the diversity this trek offers as you begin in the southern village of Blazers, home to the famous 12th-centuy Gutenberg Castle and wind your way along old Roman roads and high alpine paths with memorable visits to chapels and castles. The trip leads you to the cultural capital city of Vaduz and through the Kratzera forest to the village of Ruggell, the northernmost municipality in Liechtenstein before culminating in the popular ski resort village of Malbun. Although famous for its many private banks, Liechtenstein’s culture, hospitality and scenery are what leave the most favorable lasting impressions of this tiny country.

Self-Guided Hiking Tours In Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein castle

Liechtenstein is a tiny country wedged between the Western Austrian Alps and the foothills above Zurich Switzerland. The majority of the country is a verdant and time-lost valley that is hemmed by impressive mountains. The countryside of Liechtenstein is dotted with mountain chalets, historic villages, and stone walled medieval castles. While Liechtenstein is often overlooked in the pantheon of the ...

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