Croatia is an enchanting nation of historic seafarers, walled fortresses, and white stone landscapes. Ryder Walker’s Croatian hikes explore the coastal national parks of Croatia while hopping between a selection of iconic islands off the Croatian coast including Korčula and Pomona.These islands are lost-in-time enclaves of Adriatic culture, sporting red slate-roofed buildings, the famous cobalt blue Adriatic water, and healthy servings of local seafood. 

Croatian culture is one of the most welcoming in the world. Tourism remains an exciting new possibility for the Croatian people, who, by and large, are thrilled to share their rich history, culinary traditions, and mythos. In Croatia, the surviving brutalist architecture from the Soviet Era sticks out in a striking way against the backdrop of cobalt blue waters and winding beaches. While Croatia itself was considered a largely war-torn country following the conflicts of the 20th century, today the nation has engaged in large scale reconstructions of their historic locations and preservation of the country’s unique coastal-desert biome. Throughout history, dating back even to the seafaring days of the Greeks and Romans, Croatia has been represented as a critical port, and it is easy to see why with the Italian shoreline visible across the Adriatic. Today, Croatian culture involves a hearty dose of beach relaxation, lively nightlife, and a plethora of fresh fish and seafood. Sitting eating a plate of calamari while you listen to the waves and look out at the distant lights of a fishing village on a neighboring island is an experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else in the world.

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Ryder-Walker offers both guided and self-guided treks in Croatia. For our guided hikes we offer the Highlights of the Adriatic Trek, which combines the best parts of Croatia with our favourite hikes in Montenegro. Our self-guided hike is the excellent Dalmatian Coast Trek, which gives a comprehensive experience of Croatia.  Highlights of these hikes include: the ancient Beech forests of Biokovo and Lovćen National Parks and a distinctly more nautical experience as we board ferries to explore the Adriatic. The islands of Korčula and Pomona cast a distinctive contrast with each other, with a collection of fishing villages straight from the odyssey and beautiful seaside resorts. Finally, our journey finishes in the ancient walled city of Dubrovnik, the shooting location for Game of Thrones’ King’s Landing. The city itself looks no less fantastical than it does in the show, feeling like a direct portal into the past.

Croatia amazed us when we first visited years ago, and the coastal nation continues to impress us year after year. The hiking in the national parks is consistently incredible, with easy to access summits providing stunning views of the entire peninsula. While many may just pass through Croatia on a cruise it is obvious to us at Ryder-Walker that the Croatian people and nature are worth deeper engagement, which we provide with our magnificent Highlights of the Adriatic and Dalmatian Coast Trek.

Sunset over the Adriatic coast

Ryder-Walker’s journey along the Dalmatian Coast is an incredible experience visiting the best of the two countries. Starting in the mountains of Montenegro, you will get to explore Montenegro’s world famous national park before continuing towards the coast. While traveling along the coast you will get to experience both the liveliest coastal villages of Montenegro and Croatia while taking excursions...

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Guided Tour Date

May 27-June 3, 2024




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Croatia hiking tour

Welcome to Croatia! Azure, cobalt, indigo — our 8-day self-guided Croatia hiking tour is a celebration of blue skies and pristine waters. The villages are immaculate and the bustle of the beaches and exceptional restaurants, enchanting. The red tiled roofs coupled with the crystal clear sea is pure magic. Most travelers will want to begin their Croatian adventure by arriving...

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Self-Guided Tour Date

May–June & Sept–Oct




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“The countryside is spectacular, unspoiled, and uncrowded. Like Switzerland before it was tamed. Rugged mountains arising out of the Adriatic. Fiords and ancient coastal villages. The Tara River, with its steep canyon walls. An unforgettable night at the Eco Katun, sitting outside by the fire and seeing billions of stars. Plus it was fun to hike again with Kenny, and to hike for the first time with Terese.”
Don Ware
“Ah, the food…. since seafood is my favorite food on earth (or sea), I was in heaven every night. Breakfast was provided by the hotels, I really didn’t eat lunch, so my special meal each day was the seafood supper. The evening foods were glorious and varied… shrimp, octopus, squid, clams, sea bass, or each stuffed within each other. Yes, the foods were memorable, and delicious.”
Lucia L.

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