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We pride ourselves on our selection of inns and believe that matching great hikes with great accommodations provides the most pleasurable way to experience all the Alps have to offer. We carefully choose each of our inns with an eye towards providing the most authentic surroundings; many are truly exceptional, and we are not shy about splurging when we find the perfect inn with the right mix of charm, comfort and superb cuisine. We still enjoy many of the smaller simpler inns typical of days gone by and strive to find the perfect balance among simplicity and comfort, charm and amenity.

From cozy, wood-paneled chalets with fluffy down comforters, to grand old world hotels perfecting the art of hospitality and offering fresh market cuisine and regional wines, to converted patrician homes, we seek the inns that exemplify the character of each village and the charm of days gone by. In smaller villages and on treks that require that we stay up high for one or two nights, we stay in simple hiker’s hostelries and alpine refuges; each is considered in tandem with the hiking itinerary for your overall enjoyment. Each trip is different, and if superb accommodations are a high priority for you, let us know and we will help you select those trips with the finest properties and highest levels of comfort.

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