Austria is a land of idyllic mountains, world-famous for its Mozart villages and crystalline alpine lakes. The Austrian alpine zone is composed of two main regions, the Bavarian Tyrol and the Salzkammergut.

The Bavarian Tyrol is the region of Austria which borders Germany and runs towards the Italian Dolomites. Centered around the impressive Zugspitze, the Tyrol is defined by its towering dolomite peaks and long jagged ridgelines. Our High Peaks of Bavaria and Tyrol trek winds between these awe-inspiring peaks to peaceful villages built in the traditional alpine style, with painted stucco walls, gorgeous woodwork, and old-world interiors. At the heart of the Bavarian-Tyrol sits Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a lively mountain city that has hosted the Winter Olympics.

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The Salzkammergut is the mountain region above Salzburg and home to our The Heart of Austria trek. The Salzkammergut is dotted with historic spa towns that lie along the landmark salt road that descends from the UNESCO world heritage village of Halstatt. Originally used as a trade route to transport salt to the cities below, today, the salt road is the perfect setting for trekking and tourism. Steeped in medieval lore, the Salkammmergut will satisfy both your hunger for adventure and history. The jewel of the Salzkammergut is its stunning alpine lakes, which stretch across the entirety of the valleys below and support the area’s whimsical fairy-tale-like mood.

Eating is almost a good enough reason to travel to Austria on its own. Austria has a unique and thriving culinary culture, built on the back of the high quality of Austrian baking. The Austrian dark and nut breads have to be tasted to be believed. Beyond baking, the cuisine in the Tyrol and Salzkammergut pulls a great deal of inspiration from the alpine ingredients available around them. Fresh jams, venison, fresh-caught trout, and the ultra-classic Knödle are all delicacies that will both satisfy and delight.

Austria has a little something for everyone. The hiking in both the Tyrol and Salzkammergut ranges from relaxing to demanding. Whether following well-traveled historic pathways and roads or exploring the wilderness and remote huts of the high mountains, Austria will continue to surprise and delight you. The city of Salzburg itself is worth its own visit, with the home of Mozart, as well as a historic downtown bustling only a couple hours from the lakeside villages of the Wolfgangsee and Hallstattersee.

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May 15-25, 2025




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“Accommodations were outstanding. Hosts extremely helpful and friendly. Routes easy to follow. Visited Austria several times before, but this was unique.”
Tom Bechler
“All the food that was included in our tour was absolutely delicious. All restaurants really poured their heart and soul into every dish.”
Julia Brozina

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