The Costa Brava in Spain offers some of the most eclectic and engaging hiking Ryder-Walker has to offer. Following the rugged coastline, you will visit hidden coves, hike along seaside cliffs, and take in views of the distant high Pyrenees.

Ryder-Walker’s Spanish Mediterranean: Costa Brava hike will take you through the most remote and beautiful sections of Catalonia, the land of eternal sunshine. In the Costa Brava, the wilderness of the “wild coast” meets with a bohemian way of living. Visit Pals, a medieval hill town and the Ciutadella de Roses, a ruined fortification in the town of Roses. Overnights are spent in luxurious Spanish hotels and inns. Comfort and adventure have never been so well matched!

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Our journey begins in the village of Palamos and travels to the romantic seaside town of Cadaques. The trail alternates between dirt roads, boardwalks, and rolling coastal paths that cling to the rugged cliffs along the Mediterranean. Prickly pear cacti, a diversity of sea life, and hillside olive groves dot the path as we travel through the majesty of Catalonia. The coastal trail is never long out of sight of the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean and dozens of secluded coves and beaches offer ample opportunities to cool off during a long hike. 

Catalonian culture is among the more unique in Europe. The Catalonian spirit is among the most fiercely independent, a tradition that predates even the region’s historic resistance to Francisimo during the Spanish Civil War. Solidifying their unique identity, the people of Catalonia speak the Catalan language rather than Spanish, although local speakers often are fluent in both. In terms of cuisine, the region is more similar to broader Spain with a variety of tapas such as Patatas Bravas, Charcuterie platters, grilled mats, and fresh seafood grace the delicious Catalonian table. Visitors should also plan on spending some time in Barcelona, the cultural heart of the region. Beyond being a famously walkable and easy-going city, Barcelona also offers the opportunity to visit the surrealist cathedrals and apartment blocks of Gaudi, as well as wander the narrow alleys of the historic Gothic Quarter. 

The experience of a visitor to the Costa Brava is one of great variety and luxury. Between comfortable accommodation, seaside relaxation, fresh and local food, and the rugged views along the Catalonian coast, a trip to Southern Spain is sure not only to satisfy but also inspire your urge for exploration. 

Haute Pyrenees Mountain Trek

Our week-long trip to the high peaks of the Pyrénées offers an opportunity to visit the stunning mountain range which defines the border between France and Spain, and enjoy the unique cultural heritage of this enchanting region. We begin our journey in the French mountain hamlet of Cauterets, nestled on the north side of the Parc national des Pyrénées Occidentales. Over the...

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Guided Tour Date

July 24-31, 2024




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Self Guided Hiking Trip Costa Brava

Rugged cliffs, crystalline bays, and tranquil coves with tucked-away fishing villages and beautiful beaches are just a few of the highlights of this eight-day inn-to-inn hiking tour along Spain’s Costa Brava on the Mediterranean Sea. Costa Brava literally means rugged, or ‘wild’, coast, but don’t let the name or the abrupt cliffs and cactus-lined trails frighten you. With medieval castles,...

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Self-Guided Tour Date

May-Mid July & Mid Aug.-Oct.




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“One of the best self-guided trips we have taken with Ryder-Walker. The food and the accommodations were spectacular. We went in May.” (Self-guided Costa Brava)
Cherie S.

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