Jan 30

Discover the Irresistible Allure of Wales

While the characteristic Welsh humility and isolation may have caused the region to escape your notice, Wales is an exceptional destination to visit. The region is often quite remote, escapes the crush of tourists found in other more visited areas in the United Kingdom, and is complete with its own... read more →
Jan 16

Explore Four Favorite Gems of Scotland’s Highlands and Islands

The northern reaches of Scotland are a wild landscape that holds a natural purity and mystery that is unmatched across the British Isles. Panoramic vistasfrom rugged mountains, windswept coastlines, and expansive moorlands, all contribute to the unique character of the region. While the landscape itself may be foreboding, it finds a particular sweetness in... read more →
Dec 11

Give the Perfect Ryder-Walker Trek for the Holidays!

Unwrap the Gift of Travel this Holiday Season! As we approach the holiday season, the pursuit of the perfect present takes center stage. This year indulge in the extraordinary by gifting yourself and loved ones with an unforgettable Ryder-Walker Alpine Adventures trek! View on Porto gulf... read more →
Nov 15

Why Book A Self-Guided Tour

A Ryder-Walker self-guided hiking tour gives you the freedom to be your own guide, go at your pace, and navigate like a pro! Explore our tours, select your preferred trek dates or choose one of our pre-booked treks, and leave the rest to us. We take care of everything from... read more →
Nov 02

The mountains are calling…all women!

Calling all adventurous ladies! Are you a solo female explorer seeking to hike with other women? Or maybe you’re a group of gals looking for an unforgettable experience together? Look no further! Whether you’re a solo hiker craving the thrill of a self-discovery journey, or a group of friends eager... read more →
Oct 04
Italian Dolomites hut

The Best Italian Dolomites Hiking Experiences

Find Your Ideal Dolomites Adventure! It’s easy to see why Ryder-Walker’s many hiking options in the northern Italian Alps are perennially among its most requested. A colorful landscape of pale, vertical rock walls, towers, and steeples rising high above the alpine forests and meadows beneath them, this archetypal mountain landscape... read more →
Sep 07

Favorite Fall Dishes From the Alps

Fall Favorites: Food from the Alps Autumn in the Alps offers a wonderful chance to highlight local traditions and savor the seasonal ingredients featured in Europe’s rich, hearty cuisines and craft beers. Whether sipping on a chestnut beer during lunch at a high alpine hut or enjoying a fondue by... read more →
Aug 17

The Best Alpine Lakes Accessed By Hiking Trails

Many of Ryder-Walker’s favorite alpine adventures lead to magical, high-altitude alpine lakes, nestled like sapphire gems below towering peaks and beside lush meadows dotted with vibrant wildflowers. Below are some popular lakeside stops on our itineraries in the European Alps and Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Oeschinensee (Oeschinen Lake) in the... read more →
Aug 02

The Best Fall Hiking Trips

Our Favorite Global Trekking Trips for Fall Crisp morning air, changing leaves, striking views, cozy accommodations, and an extra cup of coffee are just a few of our favorite things about hiking in the fall. Cooler temperatures in the early mornings and late afternoons are complimented by pronounced mid-day sun.... read more →
Jul 13

The Perfect Alpine Trailside Picnic

There are few hiking experiences as enjoyable as a trailside picnic on a beautiful sunny day. Spreading out your bandana in a rolling meadow, surrounded by jagged mountain peaks, and arranging a charcuterie spread of delectable meats, mouth-watering cheeses, fresh veggies and baked breads alongside fruits, nuts and chocolate is... read more →
Jun 27

What’s the Deal with the Luggage?

Hiking Trips With Luggage Transfers Long ago we discovered the many benefits of ditching our luggage and hiking with a lightweight daypack. “The light way is the right way,” became our mantra, and we developed our hiking tours to reflect this philosophy. We use an intricate transportation system to accomplish... read more →
Jun 14
Lightning storm over mountains

How To Stay Safe During a Lightning Storm While Hiking

5 Rules to Follow in a Lightning Storm Mountain weather is known to change quickly and dramatically. One hour you’re hiking toward a summit in strong high-altitude sunshine, then the next, you’re zipping up a waterproof outer layer as ominous gray clouds converge and produce a clap or boom of... read more →