Nov 01
Hikers in Switzerland

Is International Travel Worth It

The State of International Travel Our 2021 Ryder-Walker hiking season may have seemed unimaginable a year ago, but our scheduled treks were a huge success. We enjoyed both guided and self-guided trips abroad and here at home numbering in the hundreds. We were excited to see so many of you... read more →
Aug 26
Rob Roy Way Grave

The Real Story of Rob Roy MacGregor

The Rob Roy Way is a trekking route through the southern Scottish Highlands that connects the iconic locations of Rob Roy’s MacGregor’s life. This idyllic trail follows windswept moors and woodlands lush with bluebells through the home of clan MacGregor, where the legendary outlaw did battle with the Duke of... read more →
Jun 23

It’s Time to Travel!

The Mountains Are Calling and We Are Jumping for Joy! Europe has given the U.S. a green light for tourists to begin visiting again. The time to travel has finally come! While we have been dreaming of a long day strolling through alpine meadows or an evening sipping wine by... read more →
May 11

Ready to Travel!

We, too, are ready to travel! A message to everyone suffering from wanderlust, just know you are not alone. International travel for tourism is ramping up and with every new country opening boarders to vaccinated tourists, recent communication from Ryder-Walker clients is not only humorous, but predictable. Take Cathy’s recent email...... read more →
Feb 24
Albanian Alps

Travel Quiz

Thanks for taking our quiz that tests your knowledge of international travel. The answers are listed below in bold. Every answer is also matched to a special Ryder-Walker trek, so click on orange text and see which adventure we have to offer. Spring is right around the corner and life... read more →
Dec 30
Happy New Year

Happy New Year

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye to 2020! As we joyfully bid adieu to the tumultuous year 2020, and eagerly ring in 2021 with an abundance of optimism, we thought it would be fun to share with you some of our staffs New Year’s Resolutions. Several of them are more challenging, such as... read more →
Dec 09

Give the Perfect Gift – A Ryder-Walker Trek

2021–The Gift of Travel After a year filled with virtually no travel, 2021 is ramping up to be the year of travel with most of us envisioning an epic vacation abroad or a bucket list adventure closer to home. What better way to celebrate the new year and revitalize spirits... read more →
Nov 03
berner oberland

Ryder-Walker’s New 5-Day Mini Treks

Introducing Ryder-Walker’s New Mini Treks This year at Ryder-Walker, we have analyzed our roster of treks to pick out a series of shorter, three-hike, four-night treks that focus on bringing you straight to some of our favorite destinations in the world. All of these treks are virtually accessed within hours... read more →
Aug 31
Tiroler Gröstl photo

Recipes & Pairings from the Alps

At Ryder-Walker, we are all missing the flavors of the Alps. It’s a rare dinner that passes that we aren’t dreaming of a local Alpkäse or imagining a cold mug of Quöllfrisch beer in an Appenzell hut. While we’re looking forward to our next excursion into a local Swiss market... read more →
Aug 03

The Best Walking Tours in the World

Ryder-Walker’s Best Guided and Self-Guided Walking Tours Everyone at Ryder-Walker is eagerly awaiting our next chance to travel the world and return to the wandering trails that have inspired us throughout the years. As we dream about the hikes we will return to, we want to share what we believe... read more →
Jun 05

Why Book a Private-Guided Trek

Ryder-Walker’s private guided tours are the ultimate experience in terms of personal customization. Private guided tours combine the knowledge and expertise of your guide with the ambition and interests of you and a group of your friends. If you have ever wished that Ryder-Walker tours were either more involved or... read more →
May 26

Five Travel Experiences We Are Looking Forward To

While the world is slowed to a stop, at Ryder-Walker we have been reminiscing about the good old days and remembering all of our favorite things about traveling in the Alps. Sometimes when you aren’t able to enjoy some of your favorite things in life, it helps you focus in... read more →