Every one of our trips has a unique blend of elements, including adventure, physical challenge, and comfort. Some tours offer moderate outings from very comfortable accommodations, with nothing to raise the hair on your neck. Other tours will get your pulse going, from excitement as well as effort. To help you browse our selections more quickly, you can refer to our trip ratings, which attempt to assign a quotient to each of the three elements. A half step represents a blend of the higher and lower numbers.


  1. Primarily simple accommodations including berghauses, huts and simple inns.
  2. A mix of simple accommodations and charming country inns or first class inns.
  3. Primarily charming country inns and first class inns with best accommodations available in remote locations.
  4. All superior country inns and first class accommodations.


  1. Gentle hikes up to 8 miles with 1500 feet of elevation gain.
  2. Moderate hikes up to 10 miles with up to 2700 feet of elevation gain.
  3. Moderately strenuous hikes up to 12 miles with up to 4000 feet of elevation gain.
  4. Strenuous hikes exceeding 4000 feet of elevation gain.


  1. Well maintained and graded mountain paths.
  2. Steeper, well maintained mountain paths possibly with rough footing.
  3. Steeper, occasionally maintained mountain paths possibly with rough footing and/or exposure.
  4. Steep, rarely maintained mountain paths with exposure and rough footing.

* A note on our adventure quotient: even the tamest trail can present a wild adventure in unusual conditions, and snow, fog, lightning, rockfall, landslides and avalanches can completely change the nature of all levels of hiking terrain.