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Cornwall England is a dramatic peninsula jutting from the United Kingdom’s most southwesterly point. Famous for over 400 miles of dramatic and winding coastline, Cornwall is at equal times incredibly stark and stunningly vibrant. The dichotomy of Cornwall is best expressed by the strange occurrence of palm trees on the peninsula, these out-of-place trees harness the warm air currents of the gulf stream to grow, and throw a sharp and shocking contrast to the jagged cliffs and rolling moors of Cornwall. Everything from grand hotels to charming B&Bs or Michelin chefs to rowdy pubs awaits you in the county of Cornwall.

Hiking along Cornwall’s coastal trail is often dramatic but well maintained. The footpaths are well-traveled and while the view out towards the tumultuous Atlantic is impressive the hiking continues at a relaxed pace with opportunities to enjoy historic sites, ruins, and local farmer’s markets.


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Cornwall is home to the most mysterious of England’s history. The region has a deep Celtic tradition, with the county’s name deriving from the Cornish words for hill-dweller and stranger. Cornwall not only has connections to the mysterious druidic Celts but also to the King Arthur mythology.

The seaside village of Tintagel, where our tour begins, was theorized to be the birthplace of King Arthur himself, as well as the location at which Tristan and Iseult held their tumultuous romance. This mythological connection inspired the Earl of Cornwall to build a chasm-spanning castle at the location in the 13th century – a castle with no military purpose that would be a stepping stone towards the great English tradition of follies. Follies are among the most charming aberrations of English culture – historically styled or mythologically steeped buildings constructed throughout the countryside with no purpose other than to evoke a time period or culture.

It is not uncommon to walk through a remote English sheep field only to find an Alhambra-esque Moorish palace or an abandoned medieval-styled tower. These more modern artifacts are mirrored by the truly ancient Celtic stone circles, which often lie unannounced in otherwise unremarkable pastureland.


England often … avoids joining countries like England and France in our articles about the best eating in Europe. But Cornwall makes a hearty effort to reverse this! Local chefs have embraced the farm to table experience, with fresh fish also making a splash across all walks of restaurants. While the English staples such as fish and chips are still heartily available, the Cornish restaurant culture is both innovative and gaining in popularity.

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If you are looking to explore England, are interested in Medieval and pre-medieval history, or are just looking for some exercise after visiting friends or family, Cornwall is perfect for you. Cornwall is a unique county of England, with a cultural and historic separation from the other English counties, which in the distant past used to represent entire separate kingdoms. The hiking in Cornwall couldn’t be more beautiful, with the sweeping Atlantic vistas impressing every step of the way. Finally, if you can’t decide between visiting sub-tropical gardens and Arthurian castles, Cornwall is the only place in the world that can satisfy both on the same day.

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