Northern Greece

Northern Greece

From the historic alleyways of Thessaloniki to the cliffside villages of Meteora, the wilds of Northern Greece offer a trip through history. While the inland regions of Greece are often overlooked for their more maritime counterparts, the sheer diversity of natural beauty on display throughout the country is astounding. Whether you are hiking through ancient beech forests, picking your way through limestone crags, or enjoying sweeping views of the Mediterranean, Northern Greece has something for every type of nature enthusiast. 

Hiking in Northern Greece

Greek trail signNorthern Greece is the perfect spot for a trekking getaway. Full of secret trails, hidden villages, and stunning vistas, there is little in this ancient region that won’t capture your imagination. The soaring summit of Mount Pindus perfectly displays the transition between the coastal topography of the lowlands to the spired summits of the Epirus Mountains. Meanwhile, the Vikos Gorge invites you into the awe-inspiring depths of the earth, a remarkable canyon that is the deepest in the world relative to its surprisingly narrow width. 

A trip into the Vikos Gorge truly invites a sense of traveling into the centre of the earth. 

History of Northern Greece 

Northern Greece has a rich tapestry of history. The region was surrounded by some of the most powerful ancient cultures in the world, such as the Athenians off the southern coast and Macedonia, home of Alexander the Great, just to the North. The actual history of Northern Greece itself is more decentralized than its neighbours, with the less hospitable mountains being inhabited primarily by shepherds for much of history. Despite this, the nearby city of Thessaloniki, named for the sister of Alexander the Great, became one of the great hubs for culture and learning in the ancient world as it grew to become the second-largest city in the Byzantine Empire.  

Food and Culture

Greek foodThe food and culture of Greece require little introduction. In Northern Greece, you will experience a delightful fusion of Mediterranean and Eastern European cuisines. A decision between light and fresh foods such as seafood and Greek salads, or more hearty options such as goulashes and cheese-filled pastries will await you at most dining opportunities. Northern Greece as a rule is also less crushed by tourism than the southern regions of the country and some more authentic examples of Greek lifestyles are on display in the quiet Epirus mountains. 





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