Dec 30
Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye to 2020!

As we joyfully bid adieu to the tumultuous year 2020, and eagerly ring in 2021 with an abundance of optimism, we thought it would be fun to share with you some of our staffs New Year’s Resolutions. Several of them are more challenging, such as learning a new language or studying about the wines of another country, while a few are just plain entertaining like learning to yodel, cooking a favorite recipe or gathering around the fire pit after a day on the slopes. Others are more mindful. All of them are inspiring in one way or another and hopefully you will enjoy a peak into what makes some of us tick. And for our part, we promise not to ditch these aspirations in the coming months!

  1. Sign up with an on-line app to learn to speak German
  2. Plan a trip to hike in Madeira, Portugal
  3. Eat only one bag of Walker’s British Crisps per month
  4. Drink only Colorado brewed beer and not before noon
  5. Visit Sedona, Arches and Canyonlands
  6. Learn to yodel
  7. Smoke more vodka brined wild salmon on the Traeger
  8. Spend more time listening to
  9. Make a traditional Raclette paired with Roussette wine from Savoie, in France
  10. Enjoy an après ski gathering around an outside fire pit
  11. Continue hiking the Alta Via high route
  12. Go backpacking through Eastern Europe
  13. Stretch for 90 minutes at least once a week
  14. Be humble, be kind
  15. Travel and hike in a new country

I am sure everyone can all agree on #15. When it comes to travel, we all have wanderlust and are more than ready to start globe-trotting to places on our bucket lists. But most important for Ryder-Walker staff is our desire to start planning your travel and to get you safely back out on the trails.

What’s on your 2021 resolution list? A self-guided adventure somewhere you’ve never traveled before or are you ready to join us on one of our 38 amazing, guided treks around the world? Whatever makes your list, we hope that one resolution is to book a trek with Ryder-Walker. We are ready when you are!

Happy New Year * Prosit Neujahr * Felice Anno Nuovo * Bonne année * Feliz año nuevo * Godt nytt år * Gleðilegt nýtt ár * Feliz Ano Novo * an Nou Fericit * Srečno nova leto * Šťastný nový rok * Bon any nou * Nayām̐ barṣakō śubhakāmanā * Srećna Nova godina * Prosit Neujahr


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