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Trip Highlights:

  • Visit mountain chalets, historic villages, and stone walled medieval castles.
  • Discover a region with its own unique history, people, and culture.
  • Visit Liechtenstein's stunningly beautiful 12th-century castles tucked away in the alps.

Liechtenstein is a tiny country wedged between the Western Austrian Alps and the foothills above Zurich Switzerland. The majority of the country is a verdant and time-lost valley that is hemmed by impressive mountains. The countryside of Liechtenstein is dotted with mountain chalets, historic villages, and stone walled medieval castles. While Liechtenstein is often overlooked in the pantheon of the Alpine European countries, this hidden mountain nation is stunningly beautiful, tucked away in the heart of the Alps. When traveling through Liechtenstein you will discover a region with its own unique history, people, and culture, that borrows the greatest elements of the high mountain wonderlands of Austria and Switzerland.

The Liechtenstein Trail is a walking path that wanders through the Liechtenstein foothills and travels through all 11 of Liechtenstein’s municipalities. This wonderful trail provides a relaxing and soulful way to experience the entirety of Liechtenstein. The country’s remarkably tiny footprint facilitates the experience of walking across the entirety of Liechtenstein, exploring isolated villages, wide-open valleys, and huge mountain views.

At Ryder-Walker we have often experienced Liechtenstein through the incredibly charming train ride that connects our treks in Switzerland with our Heart of Austria trek. While riding the train through the emerald-green countryside of Liechtenstein, the tiny nation caught our attention. What we have discovered in the Liechtenstein Trail is a romantic, pastoral, and easy-going trek that will charm even the most hardened trekking veterans!

Trip Itinerary

Choose from our standard itinerary or customize the trek by adding or subtracting days.

Independently transfer to Balzers. Overnight in a charming inn.

Today’s moderate hike starts in the southernmost part of Liechtenstein and heads north. Along the route visit Gutenberg Castle, a medieval fortress in the town of Balzers. Enjoy the pastoral rolling farmland as you walk along the old Roman road to Triesen. Ascend to the St. Mamerten Chapel for sweeping views of the valley below. Continue your climb to the Walser settlement of Triesenberg where you spend the night.

Distance: 8.7 miles. Elevation gain/loss: 1875/605 ft.

Your journey begins with a quick stop to visit the large boulder that has been in Triesenberg since the last Ice Age. Continuing on, you ascend to the farm settlement of Profatscheng where you experience beautiful views of the Rhine Valley. On your way to Vaduz Castle you walk by the ruins of Schalun Castle. In Vaduz, the path leads past St. Florin’s Cathedral and over the old bridge sitting above the Rhine. Overnight in Vaduz.

Distance: 6.2 miles. Elevation gain/loss: 865/2270 ft.

Start with a steady climb through the old district of Vaduz to the Red House and your best view of Vaduz Castle. A lush forested path becomes a flatter trail on the way to the site of a mountain torrent (known as a Rüfe) before you reach the remains of a Roman fort in the centre of Schaan. The forest path continues up to the tiny village of Planken, where you will enjoy magnificent view of the valley and the Three Sisters Mountain range.

Distance: 10.5 miles. Elevation gain/loss: 1875/1890 ft.

Heading out today we walk through the center of Eschen before the trail climbs slightly, passing through several towns. The path continues past the site of Rofenberg Chapel. A quick view stop is recommended at the Krest before meeting up with a section of the Historical Eschnerberg Trail, which leads down to Bendern church hill. It is said that a church existed there as early as the 6th century. The route continues along the Rhine to Gamprin where the lake views are magical. Hike through the Kratzera forest to the centre of Ruggell, the northernmost municipality in Liechtenstein and your home for the evening.

Distance: 8.3 miles. Elevation gain/loss: 880/950 ft.

Today’s route begins with a stroll to Ruggeller Riet, a 220-acre nature reserve featuring a variety of fauna and flora. You walk along the wetlands until you reach a steep trail that leads to Schellenberg. Pass the ruins of the Lower Castle, before reaching the village centre. From here you head towards the Austrian border. The trail winds through the forest alongside the Gantenstein Mountain to the Upper Castle in Schellenberg before heading down into the village centre of Mauren. Departing Mauren you hike to Schaanwald and transfer to Malbun to spend the night.

Distance: 11.8 miles. Elevation gain/loss: 1665/3765 ft.

Begin this historic circular hiking tour right in Malbun, with its panoramic views of the Rätikon mountain range. Hikers may want to trek to the Sareiserjoch ridge which takes about an hour. From Sareis descend the opposite side of the mountain back towards Malbun. There is quite a bit to do in Malbun including an afternoon ride up the Sareis Chairlift to the Sareiserjoch, at 6562 feet. Panoramic views and more hiking trails await you. At the end of your visit enjoy a beverage at the mountain restaurant before descending back to Malbun for the final night.

Distance of short Circular Hike: 4.5 miles. Elevation gain/loss: 425/1705 ft.

The Liechtenstein Trail | Liechtenstein

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