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Switzerland | Engadine Trek

Visit Switzerland's best kept secret.

  • Engadine Trek
  • Engadine Trek
  • engadine trek
  • Engadine Trek
  • Engadine Trek
  • Engadine Trek
  • Hikers in the Swiss Engadine
  • Group photo on a trail in the Swiss Engadine
  • Herd of sheep on the trail in the Swiss Engadine
  • View of Mountains in the Swiss Engadine
  • Mountains in the Engadine.
  • Mountains and villages in the Engadine.
  • Hiker in the Engadine.
  • "To say the least, we had an absolutely wonderful, spectacular, and enjoyable time from top to bottom. All the hikes were really excellent. The accommodations were also top rate and the whole program exceeded our expectations. We will definitely consider other trips with Ryder-Walker.”- Doug & Becky Obletz
  • "What's not to love? The scenery was gorgeous, the hikes were well-planned and for me the perfect amount of exercise and challenge, the accommodations were lovely and the food was excellent. I'll talk more about the guides, below, but they could not have been better. The trip appeared to us, the hikers, to be seamless."- Julia P.
  • "It came down to price and our discussions with Ryder-Walker representatives. They clearly understood where we were going, what we wanted and what we were capable of doing. Other companies did not have this grasp or knowledge of their respective options. All in all, the trip was fantastic and even better than advertised."- Matthew H.
  • "Everything, including the weather!! My first RW trip, so worried I wouldn't be strong enough. Ken was amazing, adapting the days for Jason's knee so the 'team' had a brilliant week. He was a social wizard too, making every day fun. I enjoyed every day hiking the hotels and most of our locations. Travel was so easy!!"- A Happy Client
  • "Others in the group chose Ryder-Walker, I think because you offered not only attractive hiking, but a lot of comfort -- and we do like our comfort. And now, I wouldn't choose any other company and I recommend you to anyone who asks (and to some who don't ask)."- Anne W.
  • "The trip is very well organised and so it seems seamless and easy. I am sure there is a lot of preparation goes into making the trip seem seamless! It is in a very beautiful area, breathtaking really. One of my friends is not convinced that the photos are real. Each walk is different and this was enchanting. We had people at different levels of fitness and I loved the way that this was managed so everyone was able to do what they wanted without feeling in any way disconnected from the group. The guides were impressive at managing this."- Annie O.
  • "Outstanding itinerary: all the hikes were challenging but not excessive, and they were all distinctively different. 2. Outstanding accommodations: the inns we stayed in were extremely comfortable and appealing in their own way. We have been on different treks with different companies seven times, and this was the best."- David W.
  • "I will recommend it to anyone who asks. The views were incredible, the food (many thanks to Daniel) was spectactular, and the hiking was just difficult enough that I was always challenged, but not so difficult that I felt like I wanted to give up."- Alexa Buckley
  • "Everything exceeded expectations!"- J. Greenwood

Trip Highlights:

  • Practice German, Italian and Romansch, as you explore deep valleys, rocky summits and multifaceted glaciers.
  • Thermal hot springs and spas dating back to the Roman Era.
  • Storybook villages plucked straight out of a fairytale.

This week long inn-to-inn hiking tour covers the length of the Inn River Valley from near the Austrian border to that of Italy. Staying in the most charming villages and quaint inns, you will pass from the gentler terrain of the lower Engadine with its quaint old villages, through the upper Engadine with its majestic, glaciated peaks and into the wild and dramatic Val Bregaglia with the soaring granite spires of the Sciora range.

The villages along the way range from the tiny antique villages of Guarda and Soglio, both preserved as national treasures, to the pristine Sils Maria and the pleasant resort town of Pontresina. The hiking follows ancient footpaths linking tiny villages, ruins and lively towns, climbs to passes and summits, and traverses the valley above sparkling lakes before plunging into the Val Bregaglia and finishing in the medieval hill town of Soglio.

Trip Itinerary

Arrive in Zurich. Transfer by train to Scuol. Meet group for dinner. Overnight in a charming inn in two converted 17th C. patrician homes.

We ride the Motta Naluns cable car and enjoy a level walk to Prui, and walk deep into the Val Tasna. After a picnic we continue to Ardez and the ancient hill town turned artist colony, Guarda. Overnight in a quaint inn in a restored 16th C. home.

We ascend a remote valley linking tiny hamlets to a beautiful vantage point over the snowy Bernina range and the broad upper Engadine valley. Overnight in a welcoming first class inn in the preserved village of Zuoz.

We ascend the remote Val Champagna to Muottas Muragl. A lovely traverse above the Val Bernina offers the finest views of the Engadine, Piz Palu and Bernina. Overnight in Pontresina, home of the 12th century mountain church, Santa Maria

A moderately strenuous day through larch forests and high meadows provides a sensational opportunity to view the sparkling lakes of the Engadine. Lunch at the fabulous Hahnensee is followed by a lakeside walk to Sils Maria. Overnight in a gracious, old world hotel.

The most strenuous day of the trek is to the Piz Lunghin (summit optional). The lake below the summit is one of finest viewpoints of the stunning, steep terrain of the Bregaglia. We return to Sils and our elegant, old world hotel.

Following a descent of the Maloja Pass, we strike out on a fabulous rough-hewn Roman road, an ancient path connecting long-deserted farming hamlets of the Val Bregaglia. The magnificent granite spires of the Bregaglia tower all around us as we wind our way into the antique, circular village, Soglio. Overnight in a charming country inn.

Typically, same day flights can not be met in Zurich.

Engadine Trek | Switzerland

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