Nepal has become synonymous with trekking over the last few decades and the mountain-bound country deserves all the praise it can get. Nepal is studded with glittering summits that are the highest in the entire world, complemented by the world’s deepest valley’s such as the Kali Gandaki River, and the bustling mountain city of Kathmandu exploring Nepal is a truly enchanting experience. Visitors to Kathmandu will be treated to government-sponsored tours of cultural touchstones for the Nepali people which makes sure that every visitor to Nepal not only explores the country’s magnificent wilderness but also gets to enjoy the region’s unique cultural history.

Ryder-Walker explores Nepal in the Kingdom of Mustang on our The Forbidden Kingdom of Mustang Trek. The Kingdom of Mustang is an isolated kingdom that was historically closed to visitors for centuries, which influenced the name “forbidden kingdom.” While modernity and tourism are approaching the forbidden kingdom along with the construction of mountain roads through areas that were previously unreachable except by foot, today visiting the Kingdom of Mustang is a trip back into history complete with an almost pristine mountain culture that has evolved entirely outside the influence of foreign nations. Highlights of the tour include cultural tours of Kathmandu, striking views of the legendary Anapurna range, and a couple of nights in the walled city of Lo Manthang, the kingdoms ancient capital which to this day is still best approached on foot.

Nepali culture borrows much from its Himalayan neighbors, with its own unique Nepali flair. Traveling through Nepal involves traveling with Sherpas, visiting ultra-remote villages, and camping in gorgeous and well-appointed mountain camps. The Kingdom of Mustang itself borrows from both Nepali and Tibetan culture while holding its own isolated history due to the nation’s history of entirely closed borders. The capital of Lo Manthang is a trip directly backward into history, where the ancient city walls, winding pedestrian streets, and open-air markets remind us of the world that predated the industrial revolution. Nepali prayer flags fly from the roofs of the stone buildings and locals tell stories of the old Mustang Monarchy that was only dissolved in 2008!

The Forbidden Kingdom of Mustang Trek, like Ryder-Walker’s other Himalayan Treks, is an immersive two-week experience that plunges you deep into the heart of the Himalayas. This engagement with the mountains and the Tibetan culture is physically, spiritually, and culturally rewarding, revealing an entire world that cannot be experienced in any other way. Views of the Dhaulagiri are a striking experience in scale, as we get to view the world’s seventh highest peak from the floor of the deepest valley in the world. Other highlights include remote monasteries and ancient cave frescos that are tucked into hidden mountain caves!

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Mustang, an isolated kingdom in Nepal, forbidden to outsiders for centuries, faces a crossroads. The recent completion of a motorable road along the historic caravan route threatens to change this remarkable area, for good and bad, but also forever. Now is your chance to step back in time and follow the ancient caravan route through summer nomad camps and isolated villages to the last intact walled ...

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May 6-23, 2024




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