The fjords of the Lofoten Islands are one of the most recognizable images in Norway. Mountainous islands that rise directly out of the Arctic Ocean with brightly painted villages clinging to the cliffed shoreline.

Ryder-Walker’s Norway: The Islands of Lofoten is an engaging trek that hops between islands and climbs to the summits of the local peaks. Along the way, you will stay in remote fishing villages that truly feel as though they are at the edge of the world 

Norwegian culture is a famously friendly one. Despite the cold and alien landscape, the Norwegian people are bright and full of life. Local delicacies range from the more adventurous and strange, such as Rakfisk – a pungent, fermented cod, to the absolutely delicious Norwegian fish stew which combines fresh fish with a hearty tomato base. 

The history of Lofoten is one dotted with Viking lore as well as the stories of hardy local fishermen who have survived in a struggle with the unknowable Arctic Ocean. The arctic wildlife also plays a huge part in the Norwegian identity, with sightings of killer whales, puffins, and arctic foxes all a part of daily life in the country’s northern extremes. 

Ever since Ryder-Walker first launched our Islands of Lofoten trek it has been one of the most consistently sold out treks in our inventory. It is easy to understand why when you see the beauty of cragged summits jutting out from the cold blue ocean alongside charming villages such as Henningsværwhich seem to exist in contradiction with the powerful nature that surrounds them. This bucket list location is one that truly evokes a sense of mystery and wonder from a variety of visitors, whether traveling by kayak or ferry between remote fjords or summiting Hellsegga – the highest peak in southern Lofoten. Hiking the remote stretches of Lofoten, Norway promises to offer a truly life-changing experience.

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Lofoten Island

Escape from the crowds as you as you explore the Lofoten archipelago, a rugged island chain lying 122 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Bathed by the light of the midnight sun, and rising out of the Norwegian Sea like a fortress wall, the 4,000-foot granite peaks of Lofoten will mesmerize you with their craggy summits, lovely jade meadows, and unforgettable views of Norway’s sparkling ...

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June 18-25, 2024




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