Jun 15

Our Scotland hiking tour was amazing—here are some photos

Rogan O'Herlihy led our Scotland hiking tour from May 18-26. Rogan is a UK native, so when he guides tours for us in Scotland and England his enthusiasm is almost impossible to contain. Imagine Clark Kent entering a phone booth and exiting as Superman. It's just like that. Rogan loves guiding in the... read more →
May 26

If you like the Dolomites, then you’ll LOVE Austria!

I remember the first time we put together our Heart of Austria tour. I hadn't run the trip yet, so I asked one my colleagues what it was like. They responded without hesitation, "It's just like our Dolomites Trek!" That's a good thing. Being compared favorably to the Dolomites, specifically... read more →
May 11

Pics From Our Hike in Southeast Utah

Here are some pics from a private Canyonlands hike that we ran earlier this spring. Delicate Arch is unmistakeable. Ancient cliff dwellings always warrant a stop for the camera. Heading up one of our secret canyons. We'd tell you where it is, but then we'd have to kill you. ;-) Deep into the... read more →
Apr 26

Everyone Should Visit This Montenegrin Monument

This is the Mausoleum of Njegoš. It's one of the most important monuments in Montenegro. The monument is important for two reasons. First, it houses the remains of Petar II Petrović-Njegoš (1813-1851), one of Montenegro's most prominent leaders. Second, the monument sits on top of a mountain with incredible 360... read more →
Mar 28

This is why we love Patagonia

Water, mountains, and sun! We ran two hiking tours in Patagonia during late February and early March, and the trips were a complete success. We had so much fun, and our guests did too! Check out some of our favorite moments. Guests Amy and Ken doing a little mugging for the... read more →
Mar 08
Mar 01

What the heck is a rorbu?

A rorbu (rorbuer, plural) is a fisherman's cabin, and one of the most recognizable symbols (along with cod fish) of Norway's Lofoten Islands. With its distinctive bright red paint and white trim, the rorbu is to Norway what the mountain chalet is to Switzerland—a shining example of local architecture that... read more →
Feb 14

Norway’s Mountains and Fjords are Spellbinding

Norway seems really magical to me. I love the jagged peaks, the intricate waterways and the tiny villages tucked away in sheltered coves. On a sunny day, the water sparkles like a million diamonds. On a cloudy day, the glowing window of a fisherman's hut invites passersby to step in for tea and a long visit.... read more →
Jan 27
Jan 04

Last call! Snag a spot on our Patagonia hike.

Patagonia, our first guided inn-to-inn hiking tour of 2017, leaves in just a month and-a-half, and we still have a few spots available. What are you doing in late February/early March? Would you like to ditch winter and join us for a hike in South America? Remember, our winter (in... read more →
Dec 30
Dec 14

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