Apr 28

Grounding Yoga with Babsi Glanznig

Quarantine Routine with Babsi Glanznig The intention of this short sequence is to ground and relax the body and mind. It is suitable for any level practitioner. Please always be aware of any physical restrictions you may experience and back off if you feel discomfort in any of the postures.... read more →
Apr 06
A group of people hiking through Iceland

Six Simple Yoga Postures

Six Yoga Postures for Hikers, Backpacker’s & Stay-at-Homers Easy but very effective yoga asanas (postures) have the potential to increase general well-being and keep you injury-free on and off the trails. Yoga is also a way to reduce the stress and anxiety we may be experiencing while staying at home... read more →
Mar 15

Want to keep healthy? Head to the trails!

The Health Benefits of Hiking When you are thinking about how to keep healthy where do you turn? Whether you are looking to keep a strong and healthy body through exercise, eating well, or practicing good hygiene, the question remains - how do I keep my body stronger for longer?... read more →
Feb 26

Why Choose A Guided Hiking Tour

Five Reasons to Choose a Guided Group Trek If you aspire to experience an unforgettable scenic trek that might involve hiking mountains in Europe, Nepal or South America, should you go online to piece together a route and itinerary yourself? Or, should you find a multiday group experience with a... read more →
Feb 16

The Best Hiking Trips for Singles

4 reasons singles should book a guided Ryder-Walker trek! For years, Ryder-Walker has attracted couples, groups of friends and families to join our acclaimed guided treks around the world. Today, Ryder-Walker guided tours have become the perfect way for singles to hit the trails, meet new people and see the... read more →
Jan 11

Trekking Poles, Boots & Hiking Techniques

Ryder-Walker’s Tips on Trekking Poles, Boots and Hiking Techniques Do you ever find yourself questioning if you are using your trekking poles correctly, have on the right footwear for the terrain you are hiking or think about if you are efficient in your hiking style? Here we will discuss how... read more →
Jan 10
Village in Romania

The Advantages to Booking Your Trip Early

The Advantages to Booking Early for Your Ryder-Walker Adventure You might not be thinking about hiking under the Matterhorn or booking a luxurious hotel in the center of Zermatt right now as the winter chill begins to settle over the Northern Hemisphere. Nevertheless, we’re here to remind you of the... read more →
Jul 21

Training For A Multi-Day Hiking Trip

Training For A Hiking Trip As you are preparing for your next Ryder-Walker hiking trip, you may be wondering where you should focus in terms of your training for a hiking trip in order to feel physically fit and have fun on your upcoming hiking adventure. Training for a hiking... read more →
Jul 17
A group of people hiking through Iceland

A Complete Guide to Trekking Poles

  Trekking Poles So, you are getting ready to embark on your Ryder-Walker hiking trip of a lifetime. Whether you are traveling to the Himalaya or to a Mediterranean Island, you have probably noticed a piece of a specialty hiking gear on your packing list: Trekking poles! What are they?... read more →
Jun 17
ice stupas

Ladakh Ice Stupas

Building Artificial Glaciers for an Agricultural Future in Ladakh Climate change continues its grim march from concept into everyday reality. It is people that are at the climate extremes of the world that are experiencing the changing weather’s effects first. One of these areas is the Ladakh region of India,... read more →
May 20
Girls trip in the Alps

The Best Hiking Trips for Women

Your Perfect Women's Hiking Trip All of Ryder-Walker’s treks are accessible and enjoyable regardless of gender, whether avid hikers or people just breaking into the sport! Still, some hikes may be considered more suitable for women or single women hikers. For example, we would not promote the idea of a... read more →
May 02
People viewing a heard of sheep

Ryder-Walker’s Best Family-Friendly Hiking Trips

Include the Whole Family on Your Next Hiking Trip Each trip we put together at Ryder-Walker is well thought out to anticipate the various needs and wants of your group. All of our hiking adventures feature different levels of effort, terrain and comfort. Here, we dive into our best family-friendly hiking... read more →