Aug 22

The Best Fall Hiking Trips

Our Favorite Global Trekking Trips for Fall Crisp morning air, changing leaves, striking views, cozy accommodations, and an extra cup of coffee are just a few of our favorite things about hiking in the fall. Cooler temperatures in the early mornings and late afternoons are complimented by pronounced mid-day sun.... read more →
Aug 02
Linzer Cake

Classic Austrian Dishes & Recipes

Delicious Austrian Cuisine Austria is often overlooked as the perfect Alps travel destination. France and Italy have long been known for their majestic peaks, but hidden gem hiking destinations still exist and Austria is among them. We love Austria for many reasons, one being the perfect combination of thousands of... read more →
Jul 15

Favorite Pictures from the Trail: Summer 2022

Photos from the Trail Photos are streaming in from guests and guides as Ryder-Walker treks are in full stride this summer. From the Alps in Europe to the Fjords of Iceland, people are exploring and sharing their adventures from the trails. “The mountains are calling, and I must go.” –... read more →
Jun 28
Via Ladinia

Why Our Hiking Guides Love the Via Ladinia Trek

An Italian Hiking Gem: Via Ladinia When Ryder-Walker guide Ken Fuhrer designed the Via Ladinia trek in 2017, he came back to report, “There is so much to love about this trip it is difficult to pick a place to start. The Dolomites are one of the most uniquely beautiful... read more →
May 10
Machu Picchu

Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu Recap

Machu Picchu 2022 Recap The 2022 Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu team is now home after an astounding couple weeks in Peru! The crew gathered in late April in the ancient capital city of Cusco. With Lima being the current capital city of Peru, Cusco was originally the beating heart... read more →
May 09
Greek sunset

Explore & Hike Greece with Ryder-Walker

Northern Greece Hiking Trip Intro Northern Greece is magical in so many ways and our inaugural trek in May proved to be the perfect trip to kick off our European hiking season. Summer was in full bloom when we hit the trails. The exuberant vibe of Thessaloniki, the bustling port... read more →
Mar 29

Top 4 Reasons to Visit the Italian Alps

It’s no secret that Ryder-Walker has dedicated the last decades to perfecting a series of treks across Italy. The ever-expansive nature of Italy allows for a great variety of experiences; whether you are traveling through the towering Dolomites or island hopping off the coast of Sicily, choosing our favorite hikes... read more →
Mar 04

Fun Facts About Switzerland

Switzerland has over 7000 lakes The stunning Swiss landscape is often recognized for its ocean of high peaks and hillside farmland, however, one of the most charming elements of Swiss nature is the array of crystal-clear alpine lakes that dot the Swiss countryside. The most famous of these lakes are... read more →
Dec 25
Nov 01
Hikers in Switzerland

Is International Travel Worth It

The State of International Travel Our 2021 Ryder-Walker hiking season may have seemed unimaginable a year ago, but our scheduled treks were a huge success. We enjoyed both guided and self-guided trips abroad and here at home numbering in the hundreds. We were excited to see so many of you... read more →
Aug 26
Rob Roy Way Grave

The Real Story of Rob Roy MacGregor

The Rob Roy Way is a trekking route through the southern Scottish Highlands that connects the iconic locations of Rob Roy’s MacGregor’s life. This idyllic trail follows windswept moors and woodlands lush with bluebells through the home of clan MacGregor, where the legendary outlaw did battle with the Duke of... read more →
Jun 23

It’s Time to Travel!

The Mountains Are Calling and We Are Jumping for Joy! Europe has given the U.S. a green light for tourists to begin visiting again. The time to travel has finally come! While we have been dreaming of a long day strolling through alpine meadows or an evening sipping wine by... read more →