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Give the Perfect Gift – A Ryder-Walker Trek

The Perfect Holiday Gift

This holiday season give the gift of a life-changing vacation with a Ryder-Walker trek! Ryder-Walker has a variety of exciting hiking itineraries. Each trek can be tailored to make the perfect adventure for a friend, a loved one, or the whole family. With treks offered all over the world, there truly is a hike for everyone. Whether it’s exploring the sunny Italian coast, the heights of the Alps, or even more exotic destinations such as Nepal and Patagonia, all of Ryder-Walker’s soulfully designed and individually tailored trips offer the opportunity to give a truly magical experience to a lucky someone.

While all presents are good presents, giving trips instead of gifts allows for memories and experiences. A trip with Ryder-Walker will last your friend or loved one a lifetime. Our trips are all culturally engaging. They will open up new experiences to meet everyone from alpine shepherds to Buddhist monks. You will experience the wildest and beautiful frontiers on earth.

With the holiday season upon us, now is the perfect time to imagine you and a loved one relaxing in the sunshine next summer! Vacation gifts are a particularly fun option to consider because they offer such diverse experiences, such as riding in the famous glacier express over the Bernina Massif in Switzerland, spending a romantic night in a secluded mountain hotel, or summiting your first 9000 foot peak! Our hiking trips are particularly unique because they truly bring the reward of visiting new destinations into focus. Rather than simply traveling through a country you get the experience of hiking from village to village. Therefore, you gain an appreciation for the region’s nature and culture. Celebrate the victory of having hiked the distance into your next stunning destination.

Lifelong Memories

Over my time working as a guide for Ryder-Walker I have hiked with many people who have been given a Ryder-Walker tour as a special gift. Last summer I spent time hiking through the limestone spires of the Italian Dolomites with a couple who had been given a hiking trip as a gift by their lifelong friends. They had never been on a hiking trek and were initially worried about hiking through the mountains in a foreign country. However, they rose to the challenge. When we ended the trip with a celebratory bottle of wine they agreed: there is no better gift. A week in the sunshine, relaxing nights at world-class hotels, and happy memories that they would have otherwise never experienced was the best thing they had received.


Self-Guided Trips

Ryder-Walker’s self-guided trips as gifts are the perfect romantic gesture for couples! Our meticulously crafted self-guided itineraries provide everything you need to experience the magic of the mountains with your partner. All of the worries of planning your own vacation will be alleviated. Our talented office team ensures that you are booked in the region’s most luxurious hotels. We make sure that all of your transportation goes smoothly. You never have to worry if you forgot a crucial detail in planning your vacation from home. Just pull on your hiking boots, grab your route description. Let’s wander together into the mystery and seclusion of the mountains. What gift idea is more romantic than an evening together watching the sunset over the Adriatic on our Croatia trek? This year give a self-guided trip to a loved one and share a truly relaxing vacation with each other.

Ryder-Walker Guided Trips

Gift a guided trip and guarantee that the lucky recipient will have the best experience they could possibly have in a foreign country. In particular, our extensive list of guided trips offers the perfect gift for the whole family. Our crew of world-class guides will tailor the trip experience to you. We make sure that you have the best experience possible. Ryder-Walker teaches you about local history and ecology while making sure that you don’t miss any of the region’s secret charms.

This past summer I spent a wonderful couple weeks hiking through the Swiss Alps with a family who felt that a Ryder-Walker trip would be the perfect graduation gift for their two sons. As we hiked through the infinite peace of the Alps they reflected on the past few years and discussed their expectations and aspirations for the future. We spent a week of laughter and adventure together. By the end of the trip, everyone felt as though the time spent together with family in an exciting and new location had given their sons a formative pre-college experience. Guided trips as gifts are particularly unique because they give the opportunity to make new friends and build new relationships.

Hundreds of Ryder-Walker clients are still in contact with each other and many friendships last decades. Some groups of Ryder-Walker hikers even book trips together to make sure that they get to spend time in the sun with their friends from all over the world. A guided trip is a unique gift and guaranteed to be a treasured one.  No other holiday present gives the possibility of learning, adventure, and lifelong friendships!

Book A Tour

Book a Ryder-Walker trek now and we’ll send you a holiday gift certificate to present to your gift recipient. To book your trek, or if you would like more information on giving a Ryder-Walker trip as a holiday gift, please call us at 970-728-6481 / 888-586-8365 or email us at You can also purchase a gift card online. We’ll send your gift certificate out right away. Not sure what trip to give? You can choose your trip later, all we need for the time being is a deposit. Happy giving.

Pyrénées mountains

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About the author: Branford Walker
Since the age of three, Branford has either participated in the development of, or been on almost every trip Ryder-Walker has to offer. He has worked as a guide for the last four years and is currently living in New York.
Branford Walker
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Travel and the Coronavirus for Ryder-Walker Guests

Ryder-Walker is monitoring the coronavirus outbreak and acknowledges that there is growing uncertainty about the safety of traveling right now. Currently, our guided and self-guided treks are on schedule to run. Should travel restrictions be implemented by local or global authorities we will post updates on this link.

For more information please visit the websites of the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.