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Italy | Capri & the Amalfi Coast

Captivating coastlines, sapphire waters and a laid-back Italian lifestyle.

  • Amalfi Coast
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Trip Highlights:

  • Hiking along Italy's Amalfi Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site recognized for its great physical beauty and natural diversity.
  • Walking the Sentiero degli Dei (the Trail of the Gods) enroute to the magical beach town of Positano, which, according to legend, was founded by the great sea god, Poseidon.
  • Relaxed hikes on the Isle of Capri, an island famous for its cultural and natural treasures including the Villa Jovis, the Grotta Azzurra and the Faraglioni.
  • Exciting add-ons: cooking classes in Ravello, additional day hikes between Amalfi and Positano, and visits to famous tourist sites like Paestum, Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius.

Let the sirens tempt you with captivating coastlines, sapphire waters and a laid-back Italian lifestyle that the locals call “tranquillo.” It is no coincidence that Homer chose Capri and the Amalfi Coast as the home for his fabled sirens in the epic taleThe Odyssey. Once you experience the enchanting life of southern Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula, you’ll never want to return home either.

Following ancient footpaths, carved into the mountains and coastlines by Greeks and Romans, you’ll hike between the famous Mediterranean beach towns of Sorrento, Amalfi and Positano. You’ll hike on the island of Capri, succumbing to luxury-laden boutiques, cliffside walks and ancient temples. You’ll admire the region’s esteemed natural wonders like the Blue Grotto, a small sea cave that glows with blue light from within, and the Faraglioni, three imposing rock formations, (one with an arch) that stand just off the coast of Capri.

You’ll dine on Italian cuisine, of course, and it goes without saying that you’ll delight in delicious regional specialties from the mountains and the sea. Treat yourself to this 7-day hiking tour of Italy’s Capri and the Amalfi Coast, and the toughest decision that you’ll have to make is whether to dine beachside each night, or to relax with a glass of wine in the heart of one of many atmospheric old towns.

Trip Itinerary

Travel independently by rail or bus to Sorrento, Italy. The transfer takes around 1 hour by rail from the Naples main station. Overnight in an eighteenth century 4-star hotel. Enjoy views of the Bay of Naples, Mount Vesuvius and the Isle of Capri. The tour officially begins with dinner at the hotel, which in southern Italy, begins at around 8:00 pm.

Begin the day with a boat ride on the Bay of Naples as you transfer by ferry from Sorrento to the island of Capri. Today’s highlight is the Villa Jovis, (Villa of Jupiter), the largest of twelve palaces built by the Roman emperor Tiberius who ruled between AD 27 and AD 37. Explore the ruins of this once-stately palace, strategically positioned to command inspiring views. Continue your hike to the Faraglioni, three famous rock formations lying off the coast of Capri. Take a dip or have a late lunch at an exclusive restaurant on the beach. Walk into the town of Capri and settle into your 4 star hotel.

Hike from town, or get a boost by chairlift, to the summit of Mount Solaro (1,932 feet), the highest point on the island of Capri. Enjoy panoramic views of Anacapri and the Bay of Naples as you hike along precipitous cliffs, eventually descending to the faro, a picturesque lighthouse. Continue along the Sentiero del Fortini, a coastal hiking trail boasting splendid views, enroute to the Grotta Azzurra, (the blue grotto). The Blue Grotto is a small, but well-known, sea cave that is famous for its ethereal blue illumination. Light enters the small entrance of the cave then reflects off the sandy bottom to produce the brilliant blue light. Hire a small rowboat to enter the cave, or simply relax on the promontory above. Return to Capri Town by bus and your 4 star hotel.

Begin the day with another boat ride on the Tyrrhenian Sea. You’ll transfer by ferry to the coastal town of Amalfi, famous for it’s seductive landscape of terraced cliff sides, hidden caverns, pebbled beaches and placid seas. Visit the Museo della Carta, a fourteenth century paper mill, (optional), then hit the trail and climb through hundreds of terraced lemon orchards and organic gardens, eventually climbing 1,700 feet above the town of Amalfi. Admire eleventh century villas. Snap photos of the Amalfi Coast. Have lunch in a tranquil hamlet with views overlooking the mountains and sea. Return to Amalfi by bus, or follow the ancient Atrani trail, descending hundreds of stairs directly to the sea.

The sirens will tempt you today, just like they tempted Odysseus in Homer’s epic story, the Odyssey. Aptly named the Sentiero degli Dei, (the Trail of the Gods), the hike from the village of Bomerano to Positano overlooks the same seascape where the fabled sirens attempted to lure Odysseus from his course. Wander along this dizzying cliff top hike and drink in the mesmerizing views. Feast on lunchtime Italian specialties at a mountainside retreat, then wander into Postitano for an evening of harbor side dining and laid-back Italian life in the old town. Overnight in an eighteenth century 4 star hotel.

Walk out of your hotel and ascend via ancient steps and a Roman road to a group of perfectly situated villages resting on the slopes of the Lattari mountain range. Your midpoint for the day is the small town and fortress of Santa Maria del Castello, offering views northward over the Bay of Naples and south across Positano and the Bay of Solerno. Dine on delicious regional specialties at a popular farmer’s restaurant. Wander twisting paths through endless chestnut groves. Descend via cobbled stairs to Monterpertuso where you’ll enjoy a well-deserved glass of Campiana wine and inspiring views of the Italy’s “vertical city,” Positano. Return to your hotel by foot, or local transport, and spend the rest of the day relaxing on the beach in Positano.

Awake to the sounds of gentle surf lapping against the rocks, then depart. Transfer by ferry, bus, or train to other destinations in Italy. We are happy to arrange for private transport to Naples. With this arrangement you can stop at Herculaneum, Pompeii or even hike Mt. Vesuvius before returning to the “real” world.

Capri & the Amalfi Coast | Italy

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