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Italy & Switzerland | Matterhorn Trek

Ascend the rugged border country of Italy and Switzerland.

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  • Matterhorn Trek
  • Matterhorn Trek
  • Matterhorn Trek
  • Matterhorn Trek
  • Italy and Switzerland Matterhorn Trek
  • Italy and Switzerland Matterhorn Trek
  • matterhorntrek
  • Italy and Switzerland Matterhorn Trek
  • matterhorntrek
  • "The overall experience (scenery, people, guides, lodging, etc.) was truly outstanding. The thing I loved most was sharing the experience with my daughter and seeing how much see enjoyed the trip. She told me it was the best vacation she has had - even though, at 26, she has traveled pretty extensively!"- Henry J.
  • "I loved the diversity of the trails. Each day had new sights, which kept the trek interesting. I loved that our group was large and fairly well-matched in pace. Our guides were also very interesting and engaging which made even the most grueling days fun and enjoyable. I generally liked the huts we stopped at for lunch. I also enjoyed that the hike was fairly strenuous - it was a perfect level of difficulty. Guides were EXCELLENT!"- Dana R.
  • "The trail and scenery was just perfect. Each day we had perfect postcard weather too. Lakes, glaciers, roman cart paths, field full of grazing cows and wildflowers were just some of the things we passed as we walked along each day. Although it was hard to leave a wonderful hotel each morning, it was fun to go and experiece so many hotels in the area each day. All hotels were clean and food was fantastic. I loved being able to shower, sleep in a bed and have a wonderful dinner and glass of wine each night after a long day hiking."- Kathryn LeBey

Trip Highlights:

  • Top notch accommodations, maximum effort and challenging terrain.
  • Hiking beneath two famous mountains, the Matterhorn, and the Monte Rosa, the highest mountain in Switzerland.
  • Medieval hamlets with cobbled streets, authentic shops and delicious restaurants.
  • Roman footpaths, quiet valleys and a Walser history, one of Europe's wildest ethnicities, dating back one thousand years.

Highest mountains in Western Europe, the Pennine Alps offer hikers an opportunity to explore a spectacular alpine world. This hike begins in Italy beneath the Matterhorn, one of the most iconic peaks in the world. The tour also partially circumnavigates the Monte Rosa, the highest mountain in Switzerland and the second highest peak in Western Europe. The Tour Monte Rosa has become a much sought after achievement, and our itinerary follows much of the same route. In Macugnaga, Italy we are treated to perhaps the Alps’ most spectacular mountain view, the east face of the Monte Rosa, which is truly Himalayan in proportion rising 10,000 vertical feet above the valley floor. The hike finishes beneath the north face of the Matterhorn in legendary Zermatt, Switzerland.

Ryder-Walker offers the Matterhorn Trek from Cervinia, Italy to Zermatt, Switzerland in an eight-day trip. Along the way, we use the finest accommodations, some of which are truly exceptional. You’ll visit five towns in Italy and two in Switzerland, beginning and finishing the tour at the base of the majestic Matterhorn on opposite sides of the Swiss/Italian border.

Hiking days are challenging, but the scenery is breathtaking, and at the end of the day a comfortable bed, hot shower, a good meal, a glass of local wine or beer and the company of other hikers awaits. If you like a trip with top-notch accommodations, maximum effort, and a healthy dose of challenging terrain, then this is the trip for you.

Trip Itinerary

Transfer from Milan to Cervinia, Italy. Geneva is a possible port of entry but is more complicated. Meet your guides and fellow guests in a well-appointed hotel at the base of the Matterhorn.

Ascend to the Col de Nana beneath the Grand Tournalin and descend to the idyllic hamlet of St. Jacques. Continue on to Champoluc. Overnight in one of the finest hotels in the Alps.

From Champoluc hike up to the herder’s settlement of Cuneaz and ascend from there to the Pentacol and the Col Pinter. Enter the Walser stronghold of the Val di Gressoney beneath the magnificent Lyskamm, one of the most powerful peaks in the Alps. Walk past ancient Walser farms into the medieval hamlet of Gressoney St. Jean and on to your excellent hotel just out of town.

Ascend to the lake Gabiet and on to the Col d’Olen. At the pass we enter into the magical Val Sesia and look down to Alagna nearly 6000 feet below (don’t worry, there is a cable car to help us get there). Pass by ancient refuges (barracks in WWI and II ). Descend through meadows and ancient Walser villages and farms into this time forgotten place. Overnight in the finest hotel in town.

Hike over the magnificent Turlo Pass, the scene of many a WWI skirmish. The Macugnaga side is descended on an incredible road originally built by the Romans and enhanced during wartime. Enter into this antique village nestled beneath the staggering 10,000 ft. East Face of the Monte Rosa. Overnight in a charming three star hotel in the center of the village.

A cable car aids our ascent to a point near the Swiss border at the Monte Moro pass. Descend through glacier scoured field of granite with the occasional cable for help. Pass by the lovely Monte Moro lake. Continue on foot or by bus to Saas Almagell and then up on foot to Saas Fee. Tonight we are in an outstanding hotel in the center of this charming village.

Exit Saas Fee to gain one of the great Hohenwegs (high level paths) of the Alps. Travel beneath cascading glaciers and remote, unihabited valleys as we make our way to Grachen, a sparkling village on a bench high above the Mattertal. Van transfer to Zermatt to celebrate our achievements in one of the town’s finest hotels.

Your guides will choose a day hike for the group today. You can also choose to spend the day sightseeing the lively town of Zermatt.

Depart Zermatt

Matterhorn Trek | Italy & Switzerland

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