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Ryder-Walker Pricing Special

Ryder-Walker Limited Time Special: Receive 2019 Pricing on all 2020 Treks through October 1st!

Fall is here and as you reminisce about the amazing 2019 summer hiking season, we would like to remind you it’s time to think ahead for next year’s adventures! Ryder-Walker has a special early booking promotion which offers 2020 treks for 2019 prices from now until October 1st. Whether you are a returning client or a newcomer hoping to find your next adventure, this deal is your best chance to plan ahead. If your travel plans aren’t yet solidified, you can still secure this deal with a $500 per person deposit. Lock in our 2019 pricing on 2020 trips by emailing us at or giving us a call at 970.728.6481.

The staff at Ryder-Walker would love for you to join us in traveling on one of our guided treks next summer. If you need suggestions, below are some treks to consider.

2020’s Best Bucket List Trips

In a way, all of the Ryder-Walker treks are on somebody’s bucket list, but there are a variety of locations which we think everybody should visit at least once in their life.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Iceland: The Remote Westfjords trek will take you across the otherworldly moonscape of northwest Iceland. Here you will delve into the history of the Vikings, learning about their way of life and the strange landscape they came to call their home. Hiking in Iceland is like hiking nowhere else on earth, the trails are often marked by towering cairns, the villages are remote, and the rock and moss of the Icelandic tundra represent the last land before the expanse of the Northern Sea.


The Tour du Mont Blanc is the ultimate multi-country bucket list tour, as well as one of the most famous hiking tours in Europe. The trek circumnavigates the awe-inspiring Mont Blanc Massif, connecting footpaths around the entire mountain range. The Mont Blanc itself sits comfortably nearly straddling the triple border between France, Italy, and Switzerland, with each country separated by the nearly impenetrable mountain walls of the Mont Blanc. There is little more satisfying than walking between the delicious meals of French Savoyard fondues and cheese dishes to an Italian restaurant serving a delicious array of pastas, cured meats, and fresh salads. This classic tour is a highly satisfying cultural expose, as well as one of the most renowned hiking goals in the world!

Our Matterhorn Trek is one of the most challenging hikes we offer in the Swiss and Italian Alps. The hike begins in Italy beneath the Matterhorn, one of the most iconic peaks in the world. The tour also partially circumnavigates the Monte Rosa, the highest mountain in Switzerland and the second highest peak in Western Europe. The hike finishes beneath the north face of the Matterhorn in legendary Zermatt, Switzerland.

Hiking days are challenging, but the scenery is breathtaking, and at the end of the day a comfortable bed, hot shower, a good meal, a glass of local wine or beer and the company of other hikers awaits. If you like a trip with top-notch accommodations, maximum effort, and a healthy dose of challenging terrain, then this is the trip for you.

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2020’s Best Family Friendly Trips

The key to a successful trek with kids is a hiking trip with a great deal of flexibility as well as broad interest. Ryder Walker also offers a roster of trips that are excellent for teens and college age young adults, so it’s time to rally the family and set out on a Ryder-Walker adventure. Some of our most popular family friendly trips are:

Our Engadine Trek is the perfect flexible trip to introduce your young ones to the European hiking experience. The Engadine is a peaceful valley that lies in the Eastern Swiss Alps, filled with historic locations, romantic charm, and some of the most peaceful village to village hiking Ryder Walker has to offer. The true magic of the Engadine for a family comes from the area’s fantastic transportation systems. Charming red “toy” trains run through the valley making shorter hiking days a consistent option, as well as a robust system of lifts, trams, and funiculars which make sure that our younger hikers never have to go farther than they are comfortable with without the excitement of a gondola ride! For older kids we have our Engadine Summit Series. The Engadine also has a charming series of castles which run through the valley and make for excellent side expeditions for the entire family!

Sedona, Arches, and Canyonlands is one of our trips we offer back home in the United States. This trek explores the US’s most remote and cherished national parks. Everything from finding sandstone arches and bridges, to hiking down winding desert canyons awaits. The Desert Southwest offers some of the best hiking in the world, and much of it remains either hard to access or kept entirely secret, so it is a perfect location to explore with a guide for the western adventure of a lifetime.


The Italian Dolomites Trek is consistently one of the most popular hikes Ryder-Walker offers and the Dolomites is the perfect trekking location for families to hike. The terrain and trails are varied and numerous enough that it is often possible shorten a hike or make it a bit easier or difficult if you desire. One highlight is the charming alpine rifugio where a comfortable but rustic room awaits your family at the end of the day! The Dolomites are a special region, defined by the spires of dolomite rock for which the area is named. The Dolomites trek can be made less challenging with the use of lifts. The delicious cuisine is a mixture of Italian, Ladin and international influences. Everyone will enjoy this trek and come away knowing they have just experienced, without question, some of the most stunning hiking on earth.

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2020’s Best Multi Generation Trip

When traveling with a multi-generational group the most special trip you can have is one which brings something of interest for everyone, so a truly dynamic trip is the best choice.

The Via Ladinia: Heart of the Italian Dolomites trip will bring you on an exceptional tour through the limestone spires of the Italian Dolomites. This region of Italy is particularly unique because it is a tri-lingual region where Italian, German, and the traditional Ladin language are all spoken. This area is rich with local history, including locations where the most frenetic battles along the Austrian frontier during World War I were fought. The hiking here is highly flexible with both relaxing and demanding hiking options on offer every day. The Via Ladinia covers every possible base, interesting culture, excellent and flexible hiking, and fantastic accommodation. It’s the perfect option for a multi-generational group!


2020’s Best Culture Trips

One of the most important parts of joining a Ryder-Walker trek is the unique opportunity to experience the majesty of some of the most unique cultures in the world. Everything from the food, people, art, lifestyles, and architecture differs between each trek we offer – with no region feeling entirely the same! A few favorite culture trips include:

Montenegro: From the Dumitor Mountain Range to the Bay of Kotor. Montenegro, the “Black Mountain.” The very name evokes a sense of mystery and intrigue in a far-away place. Tucked neatly into the Adriatic Coast, this fascinating gem has it all—sapphire colored lagoons; rugged mountain peaks; an extraordinary coastline; fjords and deep canyons; breath-taking flora, abundant wildlife and elegant seaside villages with architecture reminding visitors of Venice. On this trek you will hike through three national parks, boat on the Tara River through the deepest canyon in Europe and visit and Mausoleum of Njegoš; one of the most important monuments in Montenegro.

England: The Cotswolds trip will take you away to a different time period entirely. Set in the peaceful Cotswold mountains in England some of the highlights of the Cotswolds trip include visiting medieval castles, Woodchester Mansion and Westonbirt Arboretum as well as Highgrove’s gardens (home of Prince Charles) and historic Stonehenge.

The pastoral fields of the Cotswolds are the perfect place for you to get away from the stress of life and work. Here, lambs gambol in open pastures, thatched roof villages transport you back in time, and a selection of relaxing hikes and historic attractions will provide you with the perfect distraction from the “real” world.

The Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu is one of Ryder Walker’s favorite trips, which follows the less crowded route to Machu Picchu. This trek, in which we work alongside local guides, will take you through the ruins of the Inca civilization. The Peruvian Andes are some of the most dramatic mountains in the world and the change in biome from the rainforest in the valley floors to the high alpine terrain above is alone enough reason to visit these remarkable Inca holy sites.

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At Ryder Walker we appreciate that you have considered us for your next big adventure and look forward to making your dream trip into a reality. Our dedicated office staff, experienced guides and knowledge of the mountains will prepare the best trip possible for you. Cheers to new adventures in 2020 – we hope you can join us!

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