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I have been on 6 private “girls`` hiking trips with Ryder-Walker over the last 10 years. My groups have traveled to diverse European destinations from Croatia to Scotland to Montenegro to Switzerland and more. The friendly guides and the “off the beaten path’ locations are something to treasure with Ryder-Walker.- Margot G.
We have been organizing private group guided hiking trips with Ryder-Walker for the last decade and are about to embark on our 7th trip! From the Dolomites to the Lofoten islands, Morocco to Greece, Spain to Slovenia, every trip has been well thought out and brilliantly executed. We look forward to being guided by them for the next 10 years!- Lucy and Michael S.
The guides were accommodating, personable, skilled, knowledgeable, pleasant, and darn good company! All in all they are Ryder-Walker family and what I have learned to expect! This was our seventh Ryder-Walker trip; we know you are a top-notch operation. Why mess with success?- Diane A.
The guides were both exceptional; an incredible group of people! Highly skilled, professional, organized, fun, great people skills and attitude...felt totally safe with both of them. Dave was so patient and helpful with our slower group of hikers! Ryder-Walker is lucky to have such committed and skilled guides!- Gail L.
We took a trip two years ago with Ryder-Walker in Italy. We enjoyed everything about that trip so we decided to do it again. The attention to detail and the expertise and personalities of your guides are topnotch. We can't wait to take another trip.- Pamela P.
I feel like there is expertise in Europe with the Ryder-Walker and the guides having a lot of experience in the areas the company goes and deep connections with people on the ground. You get into towns and hotels and trails that would be hard to discover on your own and I've returned because the guides really make it a fun trip.- Tricia L.