Since we first visited the romantic coast of Croatia, we have been consistently impressed by the region’s accessibility and openness to hikers.

On our Croatia The Dalmatian Coast self-guided trek, you will experience excellent trails through the Croatian national parks as well as the joy of hopping from island to island on local ferry systems. The islands Korcula and Pormena are lost in time enclaves of Adriatic culture, sporting red slate-roofed buildings, the famous cobalt blue Adriatic water, and healthy servings of local seafood. The trip culminates in the medieval walled city of Dubrovnik, a city that has had a meteoric rise to fame following the use of the city to represent King’s Landing in HBO’s Game of Thrones. In Croatia, history meets relaxed Adriatic living and eternally sunny hiking.

Self Guided Tours: Croatia

Croatia hiking tour

Welcome to Croatia! Azure, cobalt, indigo — our 8-day self-guided Croatia hiking tour is a celebration of blue skies and pristine waters. The villages are immaculate and the bustle of the beaches and exceptional restaurants, enchanting. The red tiled roofs coupled with the crystal clear sea is pure magic. Most travelers will want to begin their Croatian adventure by arriving in Split. Split enjoys a ...

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