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Explore & Hike Greece with Ryder-Walker

Greece: Hiking the Pindus Range of the Epirus Mountains

Ryder-Walker’s Northern Greece Trek is our newest trekking offering that will bring you to unexplored corners of the Pindus Tange of the Epirus Mountains. Here are our top 10 reasons that Ryder-Walker is the best way to explore northern Greece.

  1. Explore Mount Pindus

Mount Pindus is a range of mountains that hug the border between Greece and Albania. These stunning mountains have a uniquely desolate beauty, characterized by the low-lying Mediterranean forests and the pale limestone rock that punctuates the landscape. Hiking through Mount Pindus allows you to see Greece in an entirely new way.

  1. Mysterious Meteora

The region of Meteora has been recognized for its air of mystery and haunting calm for centuries. Composed of limestone towers accompanied by precarious villages and cliffside monasteries. Inhabited by shepherds for most of history, this forgotten corner of Greece is begging to be explored.

  1. Vikos Gorge

The Vikos Gorge is the deepest gorge relative to its width in the world. This means that the gorge is not only awe-inspiringly deep but also shockingly narrow for such a massive canyon. A popular spot for climbers, hikers, and white-water rafters, the Vikos Gorge is one of the lesser-known marvels of the natural world.

  1. A Hike Through History

Hiking in Greece is like taking a trip back through time. It is easy to imagine a young Alexander the Great preparing for his world-spanning campaign, or the great philosophers of the ancient world pondering existence while wandering through the stunning Greek foothills.

  1. Mediterranean Lifestyle

The Mediterranean lifestyle truly is the good life. Like its neighbors, Greece has embraced siesta culture, exemplifying all the social benefits of a more relaxed work schedule. Beyond this, a lively cafe culture, a healthy relationship with hiking and the outdoors, and a focus on sustainable and traditional agricultural techniques all combine for a cultural experience unlike any other.

  1. Visit Thessaloniki

The city of Thessaloniki was once heralded as the birthplace of modern thought. Situated on the cusp of both the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires this historic city was once a major locus for trading in culture and ideas. Today the city remains a remarkable trip into the past, where you can see in modernity the confluence of these once great empires.


  1. The World’s Best Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is associated with Greece and Greece feta cheese. This is for good reason. This fresh goat’s milk cheese is a delight and the closer to the source the greater the variety and higher the quality. In northern Greece, goat herding is still a substantial way of life, and these happy goats will provide you with the best feta you’ve ever had.

  1. Phyllo Pies

Phyllo dough is a delightful, layered pastry that has been adopted across the world for puff pastries and light pie crusts. Originating in Macedonia this delicate dough technique can be enjoyed with desserts, such as baklava, as well as more savoury delights like cheese pastries and buffalo pies – from the European bison, an animal which is surprisingly native to Greece!

  1. Side Trip to Athens

The heart of western culture is only a short flight away from Thessaloniki. If you have the time for it, visiting Athens is absolutely worth your time. Don’t miss the chance to visit the majestic Parthenon, the primary temple to Athena the Greek goddess of wisdom.

  1. Island Hopping (Sporades)

There is also a substantial variety of island hopping available straight from the ports of Thessaloniki. The Sporades islands are the most popular destination with the Northern Greeks, a chain of small islands covered in dense slate-roofed villages with winding alleyways, charming boutiques, and sunny beaches.

Learn more and book our newest trek here.

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