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Why Book a Private-Guided Trek

Ryder-Walker’s private guided tours are the ultimate experience in terms of personal customization. Private guided tours combine the knowledge and expertise of your guide with the ambition and interests of you and a group of your friends. If you have ever wished that Ryder-Walker tours were either more involved or easier going or booked a self-guided tour to find that you want more human interaction and knowledgeable expertise, private guided tours are perfect for you. Here are our top four reasons to book a private guided tour!


1. Flexibility

Whether your group is looking to bag peaks and push themselves to the max or take it easy, your personal guide will be able to structure the trip to fit your needs. All of our guides are exceptionally knowledgeable about the regions we hike in, which includes knowing secret routes, tougher and more rewarding options, and what transportation is available to shorten or modify each day of the trip. Anything your group wants, from extra adventures at the end of the hike, to rest days, to the best bars in town, your guide can organize. Private guided trips are the ultimate in personalization!


2. Reliability and Safety

If you have ever been trekking on your own, you know how many factors you have to balance. Everything from bad weather to closed trails can shake up what would otherwise be a simple day. Hiking with a guide allows you to rest peacefully knowing that you are in the most experienced possible hands with up to date information on the region. The whole concept of guided trekking is alleviating the anxiety of traveling. You no longer have to worry about accommodations, closed or crowded lunch spots, or losing the trail. We’ve got that all covered.


3. Unique Experiences

The experience of hiking with your own personal guide is unparalleled in terms of what you can learn and where you can go. It doesn’t matter if your interest is in high mountain waterfalls or after-hike shopping, the experience can be tailored to fit your interests. Beyond that, it allows you to spend more one on one time with someone who is well-read on the region’s history and culture. Never again miss a local sheep exhibition in Scotland, a story from the first World War in the Italian Dolomites, or a hidden peak! Our guides love to see what has changed in each region from year to year and will be overjoyed to share stories about the village’s past with you. They also serve as a personal liaison between the transportation, hotel, and restaurant services. If you have a food allergy, want a room upgrade, or need an early pickup, these are all things your guide can provide and make sure flow seamlessly with the rhythm of your trip.

Boat tour in Croatia


4. Bring your friends!

Finally, the best part about a private guided trip is that you get to bring your friends! Bringing a group of friends is both the most economic and most fun way to enjoy a private guided trip, plus you have the added reassurance of knowing and trusting everyone you are traveling with. We want to help you forge an experience you will never forget. Spend time with your friends or family in the peace of nature and create memories you will all be reminiscing about for a lifetime. With the extra flexibility of the private guided structure, we can make sure we tailor the trip to fit your friend group’s exact needs and goals.


Private Guided Tours in the American Southwest

One of our favorite regions to book a private guided tour of is the American Southwest. With treks running through the red rock desert of the four corners and through the golden aspen forests of the Rockies, the American Southwest is both one of the most beautiful regions on the planet and the most enigmatic. The mountains and desert are riddled with unnamed dirt roads and unmarked trails, which makes it an incredibly difficult region to explore and understand on your own. However, this region is home to all of our guides and our love of the landscape and knowledge of the desert’s secrets are unparalleled.

Hiking in the Colorado Rockies in the summer and fall is one of the most stunning mountain adventures in the world. The peaks are massive, the towns have distinct wild west history and natural hot springs, and the forests are deep and full of wildlife. The painted desert which stretches between Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico, is an ancient landscape complete with thousand-year-old Ancestral Puebloan ruins and rock art, hidden oases, and an unparalleled sense of freedom and frontier. It is also an excellent region to visit if you are an American looking for shorter and simpler travel – it’s the world’s biggest playground right in our backyard!


Not sure a private trip is for you? Check out our guided hiking trip calendar here and our self-guided options here.

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