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How to Choose the Right Engadine Trek

A trip to the peaceful Engadine valley located in southeast Switzerland never fails to delight, especially in the heat of summer, when it’s cooler than many other European destinations and reliably uncrowded. Any of Ryder-Walkers curated adventures offer incomparable blends of this unique region’s easily accessible inn-to-inn hiking, elevated lodging and cuisine, high alpine beauty, and immersion in the Inn River Valley’s distinct blend of German, Italian, and Romansch cultures, but the several variations we offer on our classic itinerary suit the needs of any trekker. Whether you’re looking for the perfect summer vacation, on your honeymoon, looking for an adventure suitable for multiple generations of family members, or are a serious Type A notching peaks in your belt, read on to discover which trip is right for you.

Engadine Trek

Almost 40 years after getting our start guiding in the Swiss Alps, our classic, week-long Engadine Trek, available June to October and as a guided or self-guided journey, remains on the Ryder-Walker bucket list. Beginning near the Austrian border in Scuol, the adventure stretches southwest through the Inn River Valley and the gentler terrain of the more secluded, richly Romansch, Lower Engadine, to approach Italy. Along the way you follow ancient footpaths linking tiny villages, ruins, and towns, and climb to passes and summits before traveling into the peak- and spire-punctuated Upper Engadine. There you finish in the perfectly preserved Roman village of Soglio where Italian dominates. This moderately challenging itinerary also features refined, well-appointed accommodations and meals sure to satisfy discerning trekkers. Thanks to flexible transit and trail systems it is also perfect for multi-age and multi-level groups as each day’s route can be easily adjusted to variable conditions including the weather or hiker experience and energy levels.

Allegra Engadine

The classic Romansch greeting “Allegra!” sets the gracious, welcoming tone of our gentle-to-moderate, family-friendly, Allegra Engadine trek. This easy-going, June to October itinerary is available as a week-long, self-guided exploration of both the Upper and Lower Engadine under the watchful gazes of the Silvretta, Lischana, and Bernina ranges overhead. Featuring shorter hiking days and two-night stays in our charming, hand-selected inns and hotels, you’ll be left with plenty of time to experience the unique cultural heritage of the region, delicious dining, or even a relaxing spa treatment. For those keen for more challenge on the trails, alternate, more strenuous hiking routes are available.

Engadine Summit Series

If peak bagging is your thing the Engadine Summit Series won’t disappoint. This week-long guided or self-guided experience offers all the majestic beauty and creature comforts of our classic Engadine Trek, while substantially amping up the effort to as long as 12-mile days and 3,000+ foot ascents. Ropes and technical climbing skills are not required as you mountain hop across the undiscovered peaks of eastern Switzerland, but trekkers will want to be comfortable on the rough, steep, and exposed terrain we sometimes tackle (although easier options are available). As a bonus, the 2-night stays in our favorite country inns and charming hotels that dot this route provide ample time for lower altitude exploration. Available late-June to mid-September.

Swiss Engadine Mini Trek

If you’re short on time or just looking for maximum visual bang for your Swiss franc, our self-guided Swiss Engadine Mini Trek highlights the post-card perfect, glaciated peaks of the Upper Engadine during a four-day/five-night trip designed for time-strapped trekkers. From mid-June to mid-October, modern transportation including funicular, and chairlift combines with moderately strenuous hiking to deliver you from the cobblestones of beautiful Zuoz through to the antique, Italianate architecture that clings to the hillside in Soglio. Along the way you’ll stroll through larch forests and along ancient roads while encountering spectacular vistas of expansive meadows, towering granite spires, and sparkling alpine lakes. As you travel, you’ll also have time to enjoy incredible mountainside dining experiences and waterside picnics along with the superlative alpine views.

self-guided engadine holiday

Winter Engadine Holiday

There’s no better way to experience all the beauty Switzerland has to offer than with a tour of the Upper and Lower Engadine cloaked in their glorious, winter finery. During our Winter Engadine Holiday offered January to March, you’ll hike, snowshoe, cross-country ski, and even sled from village to story-book village before relaxing in front of a roaring fire with a steaming cup of glühwein or a bubbling fondue. During this self-guided, week-long adventure, charming, boutique hotels and inns form the base for your exploration of the region’s extensive winter trails network, and you can look forward to activities that are as easy or challenging as you want to make them.

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