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The Best Walking Tours in the World

Best Walking Tours

Ryder-Walker’s Favorite Guided and Self-Guided Walking Tours

Everyone at Ryder-Walker is eager to share what we believe to be the best walking tours in the world. Walking tours are hikes which we consider to be less strenuous or committing than full-on treks, while still maintaining the rhythm of hiking in between charming villages and mountain-town and coastal destinations. Join us as we lace up our hiking shoes and hit the highest quality trails in the world on our favorite walking tours.


Self-Guided Walking Tours

A Self-Guided walking tour is the perfect chance to get away from the day to day and spend some time either with friends, family, or on your own in the mountains or meandering a coastal path, at your own pace, and without worrying about getting in over your head. Our favorite Self-Guided walking tours include:

Austria Alpine Mozart Lakes Walk

The Austria Alpine Mozart Lakes Walk is the perfect walking tour, designed around a pace of life that is never strenuous, the hike wanders through the most charming lakeside villages in Austria, including Mozart’s hometown of St. Gilgen and the award-winning historic village of Hallstatt. Focused on excellent food and accommodation, this mountain walk ends every day on the shores of a beautiful alpine lake.


Provence: Hill Towns of the Luberon

Provence itself needs little introduction, however, the Luberon region of Provence is a well-kept secret that has excitingly branched into hiking tourism. The Luberon rises above the plains surrounding Avignon, with rolling hills and Mediterranean forests. The relaxed pace of life in Provence is the perfect setting for a gentle walking tour. Hiking through clustered woodlands, pastoral farmland, and castle-dominated villages will give you a window into the rural lifestyle of the cultural gem of southeastern France. Olive trees, sweeping fields of lavender, and the iconic walled Luberon hill towns all await you on this new adventure.



Spanish Mediterranean: Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is the coastal region that follows the Mediterranean edge of Catalonia. Just outside of the legendary city of Barcelona, the Costa Brava is defined by a collection of seaside villages including Cadaques – the village where Salvador Dali spent many of his days applying the stunning landscape to his imaginative paintings. Hiking in the Costa Brava follows the winding sea cliffs along the rugged coast with regular descents to hidden and isolated beaches.


Rob Roy Way

The Rob Roy Way is a historic route that follows the life of the infamous outlaw Rob Roy Macgregor – a cattle wrangler, clan loyalist, and robin hood adjacent figure. Today the Rob Roy Way wanders through the stunning lochs of the Great Trossachs National Park and into the windswept moors of the Scottish Highlands. Whether you are bonding with flocks of sheep or enjoying a cup of post-walk tea, the heart of the Scottish Highlands is sure to speak to you.


Tuscany, Italy: A Path Through History 

The rolling fields of Tuscany are one of the most history-rich regions in the world. Immaculately preserved medieval castles and villages dot the landscape including San Gimignano, warmly referred to as the medieval Manhattan. Our route follows the Via Francigena, a historic pilgrim’s trail which follows the remains of the Roman road built by Caesar to connect the North Sea to the Mediterranean. The culmination of the route is in stunning Siena, a city defined by its winding alleys and massive gothic cathedrals, with the additional opportunity to visit the nearby gateway in Florence, where a bohemian youth and art culture thrives.


Cotswolds Way

The Cotswolds Way is considered one of the treasures of England. Any English hiker will get a dreamy look in their eye when you mention the Cotswolds, and there is a great reason for it! This classic walk takes you into the most charming heart of the English countryside. Complete with thatched roofs, abandoned castles, and the ancient Roman city of Bath, the Cotswolds are equally historic and charming.


Dingle Way

The Dingle Way is a lesser known but highly worthy hiking trail in Western Ireland. When we first visited this remote corner of Ireland, we were amazed by how happy the Dingle Locals were to see hikers traveling through their towns – because they knew they had something special! The Irish coastline strikes a jagged profile against the Atlantic, which blows in thick coats of morning mist. The mythology and mystery of rural Ireland are tangible in Dingle, whether you are enjoying a pint in the pub, or walking atop a seaside cliff!


Cinque Terre

The Italian Cinque Terre is one of the most immediately striking regions on earth. Looking out over the Tyrrhenian Sea the Cinque Terre is bound by cobalt blue water, with steep seaside cliffs dotted by colorfully painted historic buildings and villas. The Cinque Terre is the most romantic possible walking tour, complete with fresh Italian seafood, dramatic walking trails, and villages such as Monterosso, which barely cling to the steep Tyrrhenian cliffsides.


Cornwall England

Where the Cotswolds represent the perfect pastoral scene, the county of Cornwall represents England at its most dramatic and rugged. This county at the southwestern extreme of England shows the full power and glory of the Celtic Sea – with a barren English landscape to compliment it. Walking along the silent Cornish beaches, through impressive seaside cliff bands, and between remote villages will express the full spirit and history of this remote English peninsula to you.


The Liechtenstein Trail

The Liechtenstein Trail hike was created in collaboration with the Liechtenstein board of tourism, this peaceful trail travels through the sweeping valley that makes up the majority of Liechtenstein with the Swiss Alps rising high above. Liechtenstein itself is a tiny and often overlooked nation wedged in between the most mountainous regions of Switzerland and Austria that has cultural similarities to both nations. Highlights include a visit to the only ski area in Liechtenstein and multiple medieval castles.


Guided Walking Tours

If you prefer to hike with a group of new friends to the relative responsibility of a private guided tour, we also have a collection of more accessible guided walking tours that we consider to be not only some of our most relaxing offerings but also some of the most arresting locations you can visit on earth.


The Southwestern Scenic Coastal Trek explores the eclectic countryside of Southwestern Portugal. Originally a historic fisherman’s route this magical hike explores hillside vineyards, white sand beaches, and some of the most soulful and lively cities in Western Europe. Equal parts luxurious and dramatic Portugal is truly the forgotten gem of European travel.


Sedona, Arizona

The desert Southwest of the United States is the home of Ryder-Walker and the landscape which has inspired us to explore the remote corners of the earth. Our guided desert trek focuses on Sedona, Arizona, a popular town with an established reputation for exquisite dining, inspired art galleries and a plethora of outdoor activities. For outdoor enthusiasts, the region offers some of the most unique topography found anywhere in the world with inspiring red rock sandstone arches, hidden canyons and desert wildflowers.


Italian Lakes District Hike: Como, Varenna, Menaggio & Bellagio 

Como and Bellagio need no introduction. Famous for glamorous lifestyles, lakeside villas, and visiting celebrities, this region has become synonymous with opulence. However, there is more to the Italian Lakes District, a stunning region in the Italian pre-alps where gorgeous hiking trails ascend high above the sunbathing tourists below. Deep forests, views across the iconic lakes, and all the glitz of the culture surrounding Como await you in this surprisingly mountainous adventure.

Lake Como view with the Alps


New Mexico: Land of Enchantment, Santa Fe to Taos 

Ryder-Walker’s unique tour through New Mexico explores the dramatic biome where the desert southwest crashes into the high peaks surrounding Taos. This unique region combines the rust reds of the desert surrounding the missionary town of Santa Fe with the snow-capped peaks surrounding Taos where ski and alpine culture thrives. Highlights of our tour through New Mexico include a hike to the summit of Wheeler Peak where you will get to drink in views of the entire New Mexican landscape and overnight in Chimayo, a tiny village where the Tewa weaving tradition thrives.


About the author: Branford Walker
Since the age of three, Branford has either participated in the development of, or been on almost every trip Ryder-Walker has to offer. He has worked as a guide for the last four years and is currently living in New York.
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