Jun 28

Every Day is Bike to Work Day!

June is Bike Month for the state of Colorado, but for the staff at Ryder-Walker Alpine Adventures, EVERY day is Bike To Work Day.

This is Peter Walker’s bike parked in front of the office yesterday. Peter uses his bike to commute to work, to run errands around town, and to carry much needed office supplies including, but not limited to, bubble wrap.

Truth be told, we feel quite guilty about using bubble wrap. It’s not the most environmentally friendly product on the planet, but it’s better than packing peanuts, and it’s fun to pop! It’s also the best thing we’ve found to ensure that your expertly assembled tour materials arrive unblemished. When we find something better, we’ll definitely use it. Any eco-friendly ideas out there?

In the meantime, our bikes help to mitigate some of our “bubble guilt.”

In Peter Walker’s own words, “Bubble wrap is not perfect in environmental soundness. But factor in that this bubble wrap traveled nine miles and over 1200 vertical feet to get to the Ryder Walker office. (on my Salsa Vaya Titanium XBike)!”

Transporting the bubble wrap by bike is one step closer to something we call, “bubble neutral.”

Side note: This is a much smaller load than what Peter normally carries. You can usually find him with tour packages stacked 18 inches tall, a load of groceries, and a much larger roll of bubble wrap.

When I asked him about the small load he replied, “They only had a half roll at Mailboxes. I feel cheated.”

He didn’t really feel cheated, of course. We never feel cheated when we get to ride our bikes!

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