Apr 17

Turkish Baths: Enjoy A Little Manhandling

As a vacation from guiding this spring, I chose to travel to the Lycian coast of Turkey with my wife, Porter. Our get-away promised rock climbing, sun, beaches and the famed Lycian Way, Turkey’s first  long distance hiking path-originally opened in 1999.

Today, after the first few days of exploring the land, my exploration took a dramatic turn. We decided to have ourselves a real hamam (Turkish bath). Led into a limestone cave with a huge table in the center that appeared to be heated by hot water channels running under its surface, we were left on our backs on the table to, (I can only guess), warm our bodies.

Just as I slowly drifted out of the materialistic world, I was brought back to reality by a deep cough. I opened my eyes and stared into a large hairy chest with a huge smile overhead! Little did I know that I would find relaxation and pleasure in the next thirty minutes of what can only be described as “manhandling.”

The huge Turk used slaps, soap and pressure to exfoliate and get me clean. He spun me around on the soapy limestone table as if I were a rag doll. Thirty minutes later, with a cup of delicious tea in my hand, I was dressed in three different towels that made me feel like a Bedouin set out for a journey into the deep desert.

For those whom are interested in this, I have to say, it is a must. For those less interested, still, go ahead and give it a go. The Turkish bath will leave you with a really deep, relaxing feeling.


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    April 18, 2012 at 4:09 am ·

    I love Turkish baths. I have had a few around the world and they make you feel fantastic!

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